Why The Good Girls Always End Up Heartbroken

Have you ever wondered why your heart was always being broken?

Maybe, that was because you are a good girl. No, you are not fragile, or sensitive, or weak; you’re just good. You are the one who cries at night when nobody’s listening. You are that girl who’s smiling all day when your life is actually falling apart. You are that girl who likes to pretend just so your friends and family say that you’re doing fine. You are good and strong at the same time.   

Being a good girl doesn’t mean that you didn’t make any mistakes in the past. You are a good girl because you have that strong faith within yourself that everyone in this world deserves to be treated well. Thus, you always give your all to other people, simply because you don’t want them to be disappointed.

You don’t want to cause any pain, so you hurt yourself instead, just to save them. You don’t want others to feel the hurt of an unrequited love, so you always be the one who loved the most. You always care too much, feel too much, and trust them with all your heart. But, at the end of the day, you always end up broken.

The good girls always love wholeheartedly, because, for them, there is no other way.

No matter how many times you break, you will always find your way back to love other people. Even though it’s hard for you to trust again, you will try your best to open your heart once more, because you always be the one who gives second chances for people. The good girls always believe that people can change to be better.

But, being a good girl doesn’t mean that you can’t stand for yourself. You know exactly when to leave the toxic relationship once they abused your inner being. You know when you have to speak your mind just so people acknowledge where you’re standing. You are brave enough to defend yourself and the people you love, simply because being a good girl means being bold and strong as well.

But, being a good girl also means that you can’t always win.

Because sometimes, you understand that you have to put others first before yourself. You know when you have to lower your voice just so other people can speak too. You know exactly when you have to listen to others because you realize that people need to be understood. And more often than not, you will always be the one who ends up alone; because people tend to think that you’re strong enough to be left alone, just because you’re the good girl and sometimes, you are too good to be true.

Little do people know, the reality of being a good girl is nothing but struggles. The reality is you barely make it to survive each day because it’s hard for you to get back up again once someone stole your heart and never gave it back. It’s hard for you to see people the same way after they broke your trust. It’s hard for you to always believe that there’s always kindness in this world; but you kinda have to, because you’re the good girl.

Maybe, it’s our own fault for being the good girls; we always expect that people are as kind and good-hearted as we are.

Maybe girls like us are meant to be broken, simply because we have that special talent to rise up again and spread more love when other people can’t. We are the strong ones because we always love, and love, and love again, even though we acknowledge the pain of being broken. The good girls barely win, but they will be remembered as the girls who always love.

Featured image via Vladislav Muslakov on Unsplash


  1. That’s it ?? So we are doomed , because we have a heart of gold ?? Bullshit !! I’ve gone heartbreak after heartbreak , but I promise you this I will win !!

  2. So I just have to accept I’m a pushover and keep letting people take advantage of me? If “the good girls barely win” why should I continue to live

  3. This article made me cry nonstop… because every word… is so true…

    To the world, love is before it’s too late…

  4. I’m a guy, it’s not just women that end up like this, I know now more than ever I’m destined to be alone… So I give up.


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