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Mara is a swimmer and writer by nature. This year, you'll find her reading, writing, swimming and studying in Montreal, Quebec. She drinks unhealthy amounts of caffeine and is the annoying friend who always starts political discussions.

Why I’m Not Considered ‘Marriage Material’ And That’s Okay

I’m proud of who I am. I’m smart, funny, and independent....

The Badass Women You Should Pay Attention To This Olympics

Women’s sports have all too often taken a backseat to the...

Why Michelle Obama Is The True Definition Of A Girl Boss

Do you think Michelle Obama is Beyoncé's Beyoncé? — Cameron Esposito (@cameronesposito)...

Why Strong Women Have Such a Bad Reputation

Hillary Clinton has made some mistakes - there’s no denying that....

Tampons Vs The DivaCup: Which Is Really Better?

The days of the pad versus the tampon debate are long...

It’s 2016 And I Am Still Terrified To Walk The Streets Alone

Today I was followed while out for a walk during my...

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