10 Ways To Make National Puppy Day Extra Special

Puppies are some of the most adorable creatures on this planet. Most of us cannot imagine not having a day dedicated specifically for them. Luckily, there is National Puppy Day which many Americans celebrate. On March 23 every year, we celebrate the mere existence of puppies. If you’re anything like me, then you’re absolutely excited for the upcoming National Puppy Day. In honor of this pawfect holiday, you must be wondering what you can do to celebrate! Well, no need to worry! ! We will be revealing as many as ten ways in which you can celebrate this pawsome day!

1. Adopt a puppy from your local animal shelter or rescue home.

One of the best ways to celebrate National Puppy Day is to bring home a furry buddy. There is nothing like adopting a pupper, and there’s no better day to do it than this holiday. Make sure to adopt, not shop, and visit your local animal shelter or rescue home.

2. Donate essential stuff to your local animal shelter.

Another way to celebrate National Puppy Day is by visiting your local animal shelter and donate some essential stuff. Important things like money, old clothes, or puppy food can go a long way in helping shelters provide for their animals. And it is always a good feeling to donate for a good cause.

3. Organize a special pawty.

To celebrate, you can also organize a memorable party. You can invite all the neighbor dogs and have some fun in your backyard. You can also have some puppy-friendly games and delicious food to make the pawty a memorable event for everyone — four- and two-legged alike.

4. Get a customized T-shirt with your puppy’s photo.

If you are a pet parent who loves giving gifts to their pupper, you will definitely like this idea. A great gift to give your pup on National Puppy Day would be a customized T-shirt for them with their cute little face on it. How adorable!

5. Puppy-proof your house.

It’s always good to puppy-proof your home so that your furry friend can have a safe space to play. So in honor of this holiday, puppy-proof your home so that your pupper can roam around wherever he likes without you having to worry about their whereabouts and safety.

6. Teach your children and other young ones to be kind to puppies.

National Puppy Day is the ideal day to teach your children and other young kids in your neighborhood about being kind to all animals. Teach them how to play with puppies and other pets because growing old with pets is always beneficial. It’s a great idea to teach younger ones the importance of being good towards animals.

7. Microchip your puppy or give it an ID tag.

Puppies tend to be mischievous and run around a lot, so they may get lost at some point. But if you have microchipped your dog or have an ID tag for them, then you are very likely to find them. A microchip helps you locate the whereabouts of your puppy while an ID tag will help other people know who to contact if they find your pupper.

8. Purchase a first aid kit bag for your puppy.

The safety of our pets should be our top priority. But despite our best efforts, your pup can get injured. Because of this, it’s necessary to have a first aid kit at home. Make sure the first aid kit contains all the necessary supplies in case of minor injuries. Nevertheless, if something serious happens, consult your local vet as soon as possible.

9. Go on a memorable car trip with your pup.

Road trips are always fun. But they can be even better when you travel with good company. Puppies make road trips even more memorable. But before you go on that road trip, make sure to take all the essential supplies with you, such as water and food. And if your puppy is anxious during traveling, consider buying HomeoPet Travel Anxiety, as this helps relieve stress and anxiety while traveling.

10. Spread awareness.

Last but not least, try and spread awareness about National Puppy Day. You can do this in many ways, but the best one is to use social media. Millions of people use social media these days, so raising awareness and reaching out to people worldwide has become way easier. The importance of being kind to animals and puppies needs to be discussed, and we have to spread awareness about this issue. After all, it’s always a good feeling when you are doing something for a good cause.

National Puppy Day is one of those days where it’s all about your pup (well, normally it’s about your pup anyway). So make sure you celebrate this pawsome day with your pawfect furry munchkin. Stay safe and keep your buddies safe too!

Featured image via Samson Katt on Pexels


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