6 Ways Drumming Is Good For Your Physical & Mental Health

Drums have remained at the heart of social and cultural events all over the world for centuries. In our modern world, however, the primitive drumming circle is emerging as an important therapeutic device. In fact, many therapists and other professionals recommend drum lessons as an effective way to promote your physical and mental health. If you’re curious about how drumming can help you grow as a person, check out these 6 amazing benefits of drumming:

1. Drumming boosts your immune system.

According to renowned cancer specialist Dr. Barry Bittman, drumming orchestrates our immunity by stimulating the increase of T-cells. In fact, his research study showed that drumming circles strengthen the immune system, boost cancer-killing cells, and help the body battle AIDS and other viruses.

2. Drumming promotes a connection between people.

Drumming in groups relieves self-centeredness, introversion, and social isolation. It offers a chance to interact at a deeper level with your own soul and a sense of connectedness, an authentic harmony, and physiological synchronicity experience. In a world where community-based support networks have become wrecked and separated, drumming circles allow you to indulge yourself into a community that shares the same personality and individuality as you. 

3. Drumming reduces tension, anxiety, and stress.

Stress leads to almost all illnesses, including life-threatening disorders like heart attacks, strokes, and breakdowns of the immune system. However, drumming lowers your blood pressure and stimulates your brain to release endorphins. This, in turn, lowers your stress and anxiety levels. In other words, drumming is the best cure for many common illnesses.

4. Drumming boosts your self-awareness.

Believe it or not, drumming synchronizes the brain’s frontal and lower regions by incorporating nonverbal information that transcends ordinary understanding. When you drum you reconnect with yourself in new and different ways, and the rhythmic energy synchronizes the brain’s two cerebral hemispheres.

5. Drumming releases emotional trauma.

Unresolved trauma can generate blockages of energy within our body and spirit. However, drumming helps people express and release these emotions, therefore eliminating blockages within ourselves. Throughout every cell in the body, sound waves amplify, and these waves trigger the release of unwanted cellular memories. This makes it a great supplemental therapy for people processing emotional trauma.

6. Drumming encourages healthy living.

In the new technical age, a primitive drumming circle provides a significant therapeutic instrument. In all areas of the brain, the sound of drumming creates new synaptic associations. The further associations within the brain, the more our interactions become more interconnected. In other words, the positive outlook created through drumming will drive us to think healthy, live healthy, and eat healthier too.

Music therapists and even mental health counselors recommend percussion and rhythm as a means of relaxation and self-expression. Drumming can be very relaxing, and the rhythms can calm and rejuvenate our mind, body, and spirit. Don’t underestimate the therapeutic power of drumming — you never know how much it may save your life.

Photo by Erriko Boccia on Unsplash


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