10 Ways To Prioritize Your Health And Well-Being This New Year


Holidays are a time for celebration and gathering with our loved ones (even if this year looked different). When we find ourselves in celebration mode, we often push our everyday schedules, meal plans, and exercise habits to the wayside. Once we ring in the new year, though, we’re ready to get back into the swing of things. If you’re having trouble, use these tips to help you prioritize your needs in the new year:

1. Don’t beat yourself up. 

Never punish yourself for the ways you chose to celebrate the holidays. Whether you were more lax with your diet rules or postponed a project, any freedoms you granted yourself were probably well deserved and needed. Turn over a new leaf and start fresh — the past is in the past.

2. Make a to do list. 

Whether you want to jot down a few things you want to accomplish each day or make a vision board of your goals for the entire year, writing these down helps you keep your eyes on the prize. Seeing your goals in black and white will remind you to keep going and stay in your routine. Also, it feels extremely satisfying to cross things off your list, so it will keep you motivated!

3. Allow time for wellness every day. 

Whatever wellness looks like for you, add it to your daily routine. Meditate, do an at-home workout video, or just laugh with a Netflix series. When we take care of all the parts of ourselves, we maintain a more positive outlook. This personal wellness also helps us better support our loved ones.

4, Hydrate! 

Experts say we should all drink half of our body weight in ounces of water per day. When we hydrate, we feel physically better and mentally clear. They even make water bottles with encouraging messages to encourage your healthy habit. 

5. Find a way to release your frustrations. 

Don’t keep things pent up. Instead, find healthy ways to process what you’re dealing with. Keep a journal or call a friend you can rely on. Keeping things pent up can lead to mental fatigue and irritability.

6. Unplug an hour before bed. 

Exposure to blue light keeps our brains wired and makes it harder for us to get a restful night’s sleep. Unplugging at least one hour before can help you catch some better Z’s. You can do this by reading, journaling, listening to music, or even building a puzzle.

7. Clean out the clutter. 

Cleaning your house and removing unnecessary clutter can give you a refreshing perspective. Also, clearing out items makes you feel accomplished and relieves stress. (Not to mention it would make Marie Kondo happy.)

8. Plan your meals. 

You should set aside one day each week to plan out your meals for the week, including what time you’ll eat each day. A constructed meal plan can help you feel organized. It will also help make your grocery trips easier. Furthermore, scheduling your meal times will help you avoid feeling hangry. 

9. Leave work at work. 

Creating a balance between work and life is important. Leaving work at work ensures that you take care of yourself and helps you avoid burnout. However, a lot of people are working remotely right now, and this makes your work tasks seep into your personal time. If this applies to you, create a work schedule and unplug when it’s time to end your work day, period. 

10. Find an accountability partner. 

Everything feels easier when we do it together, so why not find an accountability partner to help you reach your goals? To do this, find a friend or family member who has the same goals as you for the new year. Check in with one another to make sure you’re meeting these plans. This accountability will help you focus and feel more driven.

Here’s to making 2021 a better year than 2020. Prioritize wellness, check in with one another, and remember, practice self-love. You must love yourself in order to love others.

Feature Image by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels



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