5 Ways To Ring In The New Year Without Kissing A Sweaty Stranger

People say that say how you spend those first few minutes at the start of a new year is how you will spend the rest of your year. Technically, this would mean that if you ring in 2015 sulking in a corner of the party with a bottle of wine, your year is looking pretty bleak. Boys are much too often the reason for personal wine bottles, so I say ditch ‘em altogether. There’s so much pressure to have a boy beside you at midnight, but there are SO many other, (more creative, I think), ways you could celebrate the countdown.

1. Get silly drunk. This one has some preparation, (as in, the several hours leading up to midnight. Shots, beer, girly drinks – drink whatever your heart desires. Do it up big, ladies. This is the one night basically everyone else – even your parents, probably), will be almost as wasted as you. PLUS, don’t feel badly about the next morning at work because I’m almost positive January 1st is also known as the International Day of Hangovers.

2. Dance the night away. Whether you’re in your basement, at the bar or at a fancy gala – there will be music, it’s a given. You know that song that you and your friends jump up and jam to regardless of place, time or event? Set it up so that it plays as soon as the clock strikes 12. I can’t think of a better way to spend the rest of my year than dancing and laughing hysterically to a T-Swift tune with my friends.

3. Throw some pizzas (plural) in with your personal wine bottles. Got a BFF who’s on the same hunt for the perfect NYE smooch? Let them know about your new mantra: that perfect NYE smooch just doesn’t exist! Order some pizzas, (or head to the store drunk) and indulge. It’s a New Year, which means your yearly calorie count starts at 0. Ha.

4. Have a movie marathon. These are never a bad idea: endless snacks, sweats, alcohol, and hours to do absolutely nothing. Grab a bud and hit up Club Couch, (with that cool new DJ Netflix). Extra points if you manage to watch all the Harry Potter movies before sunrise, and even more points if you down a whole container full of Chinese takeout.

5. Kiss your BFF. If you reeeeeeally prefer to get a smooch at 12, why not your best friend? While it’s true that this one actually doesn’t get rid of the kissing all together, at least you won’t be kissing some random you met at the bar hours earlier. It’s a stress-free solution and a definite bonding experience. Plus, it keeps you busy while everyone else is seriously on the hunt for the New Years romance that is, (probably), nonexistent.

Don’t sweat it if you get to midnight and you’re still riding solo. New Years can put a lot of pressure on you to fulfill expectations you’ve been told to want for yourself by endless Hallmark and Lifetime movies. Keep it light and do what makes you happy. The rest will fall into place! It’s only one night, after all.

Happy New Year everyone!

Featured image via Jonathan Petersson on Pexels 


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