4 Nail Polish Shades You Must Try


Women today are highly invested in how they look and finding the right products to do so. Nail products are one of the biggest areas of cosmetics that women tend to search for the right products. They invest in nail art and nail products that make them stand out. Finding the perfect color can be difficult, but here are a few nail ideas to keep things classic.

1. Crimson Red

Crimson red is the classic of all classics. This color stands out at just the right amount and keeps you away from the basic french manicure. To up the level a bit more, try a gel nail polish. Gel polishes provide a higher level of shine that is unmatched. It not only screams of boldness but also confidence and uniqueness. 

2. Olive Green

Olive Green is such an unusual color, that many people don’t reach for it when they see it. This shade of green looks great on most skin tones though, and can give any manicure a classic, natural look. Make sure you find a high quality green that has shine or else it could be could end up looking like baby poop. 

3. Light Brown

Earthy tones are flattering with any skin color. A light brown will definitely be flattering and provide a classic look for anyone. It doesn’t matter if it is matte or glossy, a sandy light brown will look good any way you’d like! 

4. White Pearl

Even as you find a way to choose colors that suit your skin, consider yourself. If you want a color that signifies peace and tranquility, a white pearl color is for you! This color brings a slight spin to a classic white color, but keeps it subtle. Find a polish that is shimmery and glossy, and it will amp up that pearly white color perfectly!

Choosing a nail color doesn’t have to be a tricky thing. As long as one considers their general style and fashion colors when choosing nail colors, they are good to go. Finding a color that works best for you and gives you a classy adult feel is important when going on first dates, job interviews, and work meetings. These ideas work great for most people and definitely give you some unusual options. Comment below if you try one of them!

Photo by @thiszun (follow me on IG, FB) from Pexels


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