4 Skincare Products That You Should Avoid At All Cost

Fall arrives just as summer waves us goodbye. And before we’d even realized it, winter is right around the corner. With the seasons changing rapidly, our skincare routines and products will likely alternate as well. In the summer, we may opt for more oil-control products and throughout the winter, we will definitely purchase more hydrating serums. But one concept should remain the same throughout every season: Regardless of our skin type, we must be aware that some products will actually cause more harm than good…

… And here are four of them: 

1.  Blackhead Vacuum

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Numerous beauty YouTubers have reportedly tested out this product and concluded the results to be effective. Indeed, the blackhead vacuum is unique in itself as it is unlike any other anti-blemish tool. The item isn’t cream-like, but rather electronic and machine-like. However, despite the innovativeness and creativity behind the product, we should still avoid using it. Some reported side effects include bruising, telangiectasias, and broken blood vessels. Therefore, this tool, in general, is perhaps too harsh on the skin and can leave temporary or permanent damage. Especially consumers who have sensitive skin must avoid this product at all costs. 

2. Charcoal Peel-Off Mask 


This product, like the blackhead vacuum, has also had its fair share of social media craze. Influencers and beauty enthusiasts all over YouTube bought or DIYed their own charcoal face masks to try out. Although many deem the mask to be effective in removing blackheads, professionals say otherwise. Many facialists say that the mask can damage the skin by ruining the surface layer. Additionally, the product rips off ‘sebaceous filaments,’ which produce oil and maintain a healthy skin balance. As a result, the product irritates rather than saves the skin. 

3. Pore Strips 


Many of us have definitely tried to implement pore strips in our daily skincare routines. However, we don’t realize that the effects of pore strips are just as bad as the charcoal peel-off mask. According to Aaron from Lovely Skin, pore strips are glued together by an adhesive. Although we think that the adhesive can help us clear our skin, studies show that the material is the main contributing factor to acne scars. Think of it this way: When the blackhead strip is placed over a damaged pore, the skin will tear, leading to undesirable results. So it’s best to avoid those altogether.

4. Face Wipes 

Although face wipes were first thought of as a versatile product, new research has proven that this perception is no longer the case. This is mainly due to the ingredients present in many face wipes, which include alcohol and preservatives. Neither of these is good for the skin, especially when harsh rubbing is required. What’s more, for those who have sensitive skin, it’s better to opt for a more delicate product for removing makeup.

Purchasing any skincare product requires a lot of research and contemplation. Although social media often influences our shopping decisions, we need to ensure that the products we buy are safe and effective. Instead of listening to beauty influencers, skincare consultants and dermatologists should be our primary go-to guides. After all, our skin is delicate and we have to use the most effective and safest products. So we can glow all year long, even in the driest or dampest winters. 

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