4 Tips To Bring Back The Intimacy In Your Relationship


For long-term couples, things often go stale over time. After all, living under the same roof and seeing each other every day makes everything a bit mundane. 

If you feel like the spark between you and your partner has fizzled, don’t worry: There are many ways to bring it back to the table. 

Reminisce Good Memories 

If you want to rekindle your romance, start by talking about all the memories you share. Remind your partner how they wooed you, or ask them to retell the story about how they awkwardly bought your first bouquet. Reminiscing good memories from time to time can bring back the spark and sexual tension between the two of you. 

Amplify Your Sex Life 

There’s a lot of ways to reignite your sex life even if you feel like a sexless cohabitating couple. Ask your partner what fantasies he’s always wanted to bring into the bedroom or introduce BDSM. If you and your partner are open to it, kink sex toys can also help you two explore new things. Just know that there’s no shame in trying new things in the bedroom, and even some different positions can help spice things up.

Plan Dates

Long-time couples can get burnt out from work, keeping the house clean, and dealing with other adult stressors. Because of this, many couples forgo date nights after a while and just chill in their sweatpants.

So why not try something different from time to time? Tell your partner to change into something formal and hit the town — it might just be the spice you need! 

Explore New Things Together 

Growing with your partner sometimes means that you must try and be in their world. This means that you can both explore new things together. For example, if they like having outdoor adventures, pull up that hiking spirit and join them. Or, if you’re a book lover, why not introduce them to your mini library and read some of your favorite books?

Little things like this are forgotten when you’re together for a long time. But as little as jogging with your partner may seem, it actually boosts their character and can bring some spark into your relationship.  

Being in a long-term relationship can sometimes grow boring. Sex feels like a routine and you feel like there’s nothing special to look forward to. 

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring back that spark and intimacy in your relationship. With these tips and a bit of effort, you can reignite the fire between the two of you in no time.

Photo by Flora Westbrook from Pexels


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