7 Instagram Mamas Who Will Give You Serious #Goals

I’m not getting pregnant anytime soon, but I love babies. I have wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember – I kept my baby dolls way too long, I always wanted to hold the babies at dinner parties, and I was actually excited about doing the plastic crying baby exercise for health class.

I literally can’t wait for one of my close friends to have a baby so that I can play with it and take care of it and spoil the sh*t out of it. I have even been known to drag family members to the nursery section of furniture stores. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I just love looking at everything pertaining to babies. If you’re like me, or if you’re pregnant or a new mom, you’ll love these Instagrammers.

1. Eleni McMullin struggled with infertility, but finally got pregnant with her husband, and they could not be more excited. She’s been sharing her pregnancy journey with the world, and she just had her baby a few days ago. 


2. (Not a mom, but) Matt Crump is a funny, goofy dad of twins. His baby girls, Luna and Suki, are ridiculously adorable.


3. Jerusha is a fashion designer and blogger, and her little boy is perfectly dressed and such a little stud.


4. Karena Thomson is the really new mom (she just gave birth last week!) of little Jack Millar Thomson. She shared photos during her entire pregnancy and I can’t wait to see all the photos of Jack that I’m sure will be coming soon. 


5. Kim, mama of little Holly, is a fashion-obsessed lady whose Instagram looks like it came straight out of my dreams. I’m so excited to watch Holly continue to grow up and get impossibly cuter. 


6. Hannah Schimmer is a mom who loves essential oils almost as much as she loves her little boy. She is vocal about her struggle with postpartum disorders, and is an inspiration to new mommies everywhere. Also, Ollie is so impeccably dressed it’s insane. 


7. Olesia Starkova had beautiful Adriana four months ago, and I don’t think this baby knows that colors other than pink even exist. Olesia’s Instagram is almost all pictures of Adriana, and there is no baby that is more of a princess than Adriana. 


I hope you become as obsessed with these little munchkins as I am – I promise there is nothing that will make you feel as happy on a Monday morning as these perfect little children.

Feature image via Katie E on Pexels


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