Makeup Lovers Rejoice! Ulta Beauty And Target Are Uniting For The Best Collab Ever

2020 has given us a lot of weird collaborations, but thanks to Target and Ulta Beauty, we finally have one that works in our favor!

Two days ago, the two mega-stores announced a collaboration together in which Ulta Beauty will have their items as well as own beauty shops/stations in more than 100 Target stores nationwide. Those selected Target locations will have staff trained by Ulta staff with Ulta standards — giving shoppers the best of both worlds (and tons of new employment opportunities)!

The CEO of Ulta, Mary Dillon, said that the collaboration between the two business powerhouses is a way to cope in a changing world. Especially due to the hit the economy and retail spaces experienced because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Both CEOs hope that this collaboration will encourage their customers to buy their products and build profits and loyalty. In a press release, Target CEO Brian Cornell stated: “In partnership with Ulta Beauty, a company that shares our deep guest focus, we can expand our growing beauty business with new, exciting brands, an immersive experience, and loyalty benefits to transform how our guests shop for all their beauty needs.”

The new deal can help Ulta reach younger and more budget-conscious consumers. It may also help increase the declining profits Ulta experienced during the early stages of the pandemic. Conversely, Target has grown substantially due to its ease of contact-less pickup with its Drive Up system for groceries.

For Target, it expands the retailer’s growing beauty business with new brands it didn’t carry before. It will also potentially bring in younger shoppers looking for high-end products at a lower price.

Some of the highlights of the collaboration are makeup items such as lipsticks as well as hair care and perfumes/colognes. There will also be an implementation of Ulta’s virtual try-on system for makeup to Target’s website. The products will also be available for use with all of Target’s services such as DriveUp and order pickup. Moreover, they will come with free shipping through Target’s website. But don’t worry, Target will still carry beauty favorites from their own lines.

This partnership is similar to the one held by Sephora and JCPenney stores as the two created their business relationship in 2006.

Target has been a staple store for Americans for many years, with its wide variety of products and cheap pricing. Ulta Beauty, on the other hand, has been growing in popularity. This company offers high-end products for cheaper prices compared to its competitor, Sephora. They also have acquired some big-named beauty lines, such as Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty.

For those eagerly looking for another excuse to go to Target (with an actual purpose this time), the collaboration will launch in early 2021.

Personally, I cannot wait for this collaboration. I think that it’s a brilliant move for both businesses and believe that it will be extremely successful. I will be one of the first individuals to support this collaboration as a huge fan of both Target and Ulta, and now I can make my shopping needs all within one trip.

So get those credit cards ready! Because you know how fast we’ll all be sucked into those fantastic deals!

Featured image via Ulta Beauty on Instagram


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