I Tried Every Kylie Cosmetics Product And Here’s The Verdict

In my search for the right makeup and beauty products, I’ve purchased a lot of duds. However, I’ve also found a lot of winners. No matter what, the question I hear time and time again is, “Are Kylie Cosmetics worth the investment?”

I loved her sister’s reality show, but hesitated about trying Kylie’s products. Like the rest of the world, I feared they wouldn’t be good-quality. Fortunately, I broke down and purchased a few of her products. Now, I can honestly tell people which products are worth the investment and which are best to avoid.



I felt the most hesitant about this product because I love my highlighter from Bodyography (and use it religiously). However, this product exceeded my expectations, and I need more! It applies so well, plus it looks incredibly clean and polished. I use Ice Me Out, a popular shade with a gold tone. I receive compliments every time I used it. Since Kylie offers a variety of shades, you’ll definitely find one that works best for you!

Overall Satisfaction: 5/5

Lip Liner h


Kylie offers lip liners in various individual shades or lip kits that coordinate with specific shades of her liquid lipstick. Overall, these liners feel creamy  and light. Plus, they help preserve your lipsticks since they blend so well, unlike other brands’ liners. However, the determining factor for this line is finding a shade that matches your needs. (If you like nude pinks, KoKo K is the best one to use!)

Overall Satisfaction: 4/5

Lip Kits


To be honest, I found Kylie’s lip kits slightly disappointing. While the idea of packages that include lip liners and lipsticks sounds appealing, I didn’t feel like the price justified the purchase. I’m not saying it’s a bad product; the formulas are actually brilliant. However, it just didn’t meet my expectations. If she offered unique shades within the kits that didn’t come individually, then it may change my opinion. However, I don’t recommend buying these kits just for the liquid lipstick. You can simply buy that on its own.

Overall Satisfaction: 3/5

Eye Shadows

hI bought the Kris palette because I love the colours in the palette! Much to my surprise, the quality was so much better than expected. The formula seems comparable to Urban Decay’s Naked palette, only without the additional colors and brush. What’s more, this eyeshadow lasts all day, doesn’t smudge, and is versatile for all occasions.

Overall Satisfaction: 5/5



I don’t typically worry about my eyebrows, but I thought Kybrows might be the answer to my prayers. Honestly, the whole kit confused me, so I watched several tutorials. I wish I’d just purchased the pencil instead! But if you love messing with your brows, I think you’d love this formula. It’s very light and natural. My only complaint once I mastered the technique was the restock time (Kybrows are very popular!)

Overall Satisfaction: 4/5

Overall, Kylie Cosmetics aren’t poor quality. From the creative packaging to the names, these details show just how deeply Kylie cares about her products. I only see an issue with personal preferences regarding shades and feel. Despite the cost, I completely recommend these products and feel they are well worth the investment!

Featured Photo via kyliecosmetics.


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