Thank You For Being The Worst Bachelorette, Clare Crowley

Last night on The Bachelorette things got even crazier. If you didn’t think that was possible, you’re in for a wild ride. 

As we knew from the beginning, the minute Dale got out of the limo, Clare announced, “I think I just met my husband.” In the third episode, she referred to him as her fiancé. It might have sounded crazy at the time — until this episode. In the fourth episode of this season of The Bachelorette, Clare breaks it off with all of the other guys, crushing many hearts. She goes on a one-on-one date with Dale, proclaims her love to him, and while some of our opinions were that he should run, he proposes to her.

I guess they were right when they said, “When you know, you know.” Clare’s said this a few times throughout the show already, and it turned out to be her reality. They sat, discussed their families, and then told each other they were in love followed by a night spent together. 

Many of the guys seemed to be in disbelief that this would happen until Clare came and told them that she found her true love in Dale. After an apology was demanded from her, she responded with, “I’ll apologize for wasting your time, but I’ll never apologize for love.”

While no one should have to apologize for falling in love, it’s undeniable that Clare wasted a lot of time. She spent time with some of the guys, she got Jason And Blake to open up his heart to her, and she let them believe they had a fair shot. Personally, while we did see the Dale situation coming, she messed up. 

The idea of the show is to get to know the guys and find your love. While being happy that Clare found her love, it left a lot of disappointment for the viewers. And for the other men on the show. She kept repeating that they’re such great guys, and she’s right. 

After the proposal, they were told that if they chose to hang around, they would have another chance to start over. It was their decision, as many of them came for Clare. They bonded and opened up to Clare. Now, there’s a new Bachelorette, who was described as “independent, beautiful, and ready for love.”

We’re starting over from the beginning, and is it really fair?

The men were anticipating one woman, and now there’s a new one. And while Tayshia Adams is an excellent choice for The Bachelorette, there’s a lot to be left uncovered. Is it possible to switch gears into a whole different relationship? Everyone is starting from the beginning.

In the end, previewing the next episode, we hear the question, “Clare, did you lie to The Bachelor Nation?” She says she never had any contact with Dale before the show, but do we really believe that? This entire thing has been crazy from the beginning, and now we’re starting all over.

Thank you again, Clare, for coming on and being The WORST Bachelorette ever. It’s given us a wild ride, and a lot of entertainment. While that may be true, it’s hard not to feel bad for the men Clare left in the dust. Where do we go from here? Hopefully, somewhere a lot better. I don’t think that’ll be a difficult task after Clare.

Featured image via The Bachelorette on Instagram


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