22 Thoughts We All Had During Last Night’s Episode of ‘The Bachelorette’

This week on The Bachelorette, Becca and her nine remaining suitors head to Richmond, Virginia to try to make some magic happen. I’m not sure that any magic occurs per se, but some drama definitely does, as well as a few good dates along the way. Here are some thoughts I’m sure we all had watching last night’s episode:

  1. If Jason would relax with the hair gel, he’d be a true hunk.
  2. Oh no. Chris and Lincoln, arguably the two most inarticulate men in the house, are arguing. It’s kind of unclear if this argument is about one-on-one dates, body shaming, or the flat-earth movement at this point. I am at least enjoying watching the other men squirm with discomfort as they are forced to listen to this nonsense.
  3. Becca and Jason attend something called an “Unhappy Hour” where they drink red-colored booze and make a lot of Edgar Allen Poe references. This sounds like the hour for me.
  4. Becca surprises Jason with his friends and I’ve never seen someone so happy on this show. Oh and look: it’s snowing! It’s a sign. Becca + Jason forever.
  5. On the group date, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington are there to tell the men they have to participate in a mock debate. The men look terrified at the prospect of having to string sentences together.
  6. The Governor of Virginia agreed to be a part of this for some reason. He asks Colton about his perfect date, and he says it would be going to a dog park and finding Becca a corgi. Okay, Colton, you might be winning me over.
  7. Chris starts spilling all the tea! Being in the audience for this would have been both incredibly confusing and amazing.
  8. Connor looks really hot with his glasses and his shirt unbuttoned. I wasn’t a big fan of him in the early stages but I’m really coming around to him on a purely physical basis.
  9. Garrett tells Chris to “get over it and move on” and he has never been so articulate.
  10. Colton tells both Chris and Lincoln that they should get on a plane and get out of there. If Colton and Garrett are becoming the voices of reason, what is this show coming to???
  11. Wills tells Becca he’s falling in love with her and it’s really sweet and they both seem really happy but could he just stop speaking in a monotone voice for, like, one second?
  12. Becca gives the date rose to Colton?? Of all people? After Wills’ vulnerable confession of love? I’m appalled.
  13. Chris says he’s determined to find a way to win this battle. I really think Chris should just have a bubble bath with a nice Lush bath bomb and read a book for few hours to destress.
  14. Leo’s getting a one-on-one date! Honestly I really don’t see it with them but whatever, I’m still going to watch.
  15. Okay, they look kind of cute together shucking oysters with their matching buns and overalls.
  16. Leo says he feels “gleeful” to be around Becca. +100 points to Leo for deviating from the typical Bachelor vocabulary and using a word that’s not “amazing.”
  17. Becca gives Leo the rose and I’m actually really surprised. I thought it would be one of those dates where “the spark just isn’t there.” But I like Leo from what I’ve seen, so I approve this decision.
  18. Chris heads to Becca’s hotel room and she seems…. kind of happy to see him?
  19. Okay, nevermind, things are quickly taking a turn for the worse. Ugh, Chris is so smarmy.
  20. She breaks up with him and he is mad. Not-letting-her-walk-him-out mad.

    Chris, always.
  21. Becca says, of Chris, “He’s an angry person… Not the guy I want in my life ever.” Ouch. But also, fair.
  22. Surprise, surprise. With only five minutes left in the episode, there will be no cocktail party tonight, only a rose ceremony.

And next week, they’re finally travelling somewhere international and actually romantic (sorry Virginia)…. the Bahamas!

Stays: Jason (date rose), Colton (group date rose), Leo (date rose), Garrett, Blake, and Wills.

Goes: Lincoln (BYE) and Connor (never button your shirt again).

Top 4 Predictions:

  1. Garrett – He seemed really stable and super into Becca this week. I’m starting to like him but still feeling conflicted regarding his Instagram liking history, which was pretty hateful and hard to forgive.
  2. Blake – He was quiet this episode, but I still have heart eyes for Blake and I think Becca does too.
  3. Jason – He said he was ready to propose to Becca! Becca complimented his kissing techniques yet again! He will definitely make it to fantasy suites.
  4. Colton – I’d way rather put Wills in this spot but Becca just seems to like Colton. I don’t get it, but whatever girl.

What do you think of Garrett?

Featured image via The Bachelorette on Instagram


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