4 Self-Love Rules That’ll Lead You To Health And Happiness

Thanks to our patriarchal society, entire generations of women learned that they should take care of everyone but themselves. However, we’re finally discovering that such behavior is self-destructive because it causes mental illness and sets a bad example for future generations of women. Although we often forget to listen to our true self when we’re chasing success, we can’t deny the importance of self-love rules. 

So, what does it mean for a woman to love herself? It’s not about a pair of fancy heels or a set of breast implants. It’s actually very much the opposite: True love means that we care for our bodies, minds, and spirits. That’s why setting aside time for self-love should be a priority. Here are four self-love rules that will lead you to health and happiness.

1. Take care of your health.

No matter how tight your daily schedule is, make time for regular preventive checkups. Even if you feel perfectly healthy, visit your Dentist in North Hollywood twice a year, and don’t skip your annual gynecological exam. Many diseases don’t show any symptoms until they significantly damage your body. Also, listen to your doctors if they recommend additional tests, like a pelvic sonogram. Don’t belittle your problems; get the help you need and deserve. 

2. Be kind to your body.

Your body is an amazing creation that is capable of many incredible things. It doesn’t need to fit into society’s beauty standards to be worthy of your love, care, and respect. Each body is unique and beautiful in its own way. Every imperfection makes you unique, so give your body all the love it deserves!

3. Embrace a healthy way of life.

Eating healthy foods and exercising regularly is important for your health and happiness. However, health isn’t about engaging in dieting and performing exhausting workouts.  Don’t shame yourself for enjoying a piece of cake or sipping on an adult beverage from time to time. If you notice that you have any kind of unhealthy eating behaviors, though, visit a psychotherapist to help solve the problem.

4. Stop letting others dictate your worth.

Never allow others to disrespect you, limit you, or force you to forsake your needs. You deserve love and respect without any conditions attached. You don’t need to please people, meet their expectations, or change yourself to be worthy. After all, you are already worthy just the way you are. If someone doesn’t like you, then keep your distance because you don’t need them in your life. 

The most important love in your life is self-love. Without self-love, it’s impossible to build healthy communication with other people. So love yourself first and you will see magic happen in your life!

What self-love rules do you follow? Share with us in the comments!

Photo by Daniela Araya on Unsplash



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