Celebrate International Strange Music Day With These ‘Strange’ Artists


Did you know that August 24 is known as International Strange Music Day? Personally, I was thrilled to find out there was a special day for strange music! 

I can’t count how often someone has told me my taste in music is odd. However, strange music is solely based on perception. What is strange to you may be beautiful, moving, or eclectic to someone else. Therefore, we should all embrace different music today. Here are some of my favorites: 

Lana Del Ray

OK, let me start by shouting out my favorite artist, Lana Del Ray. When people ask me about her music, I often say that she’s the music that would play during an apocalypse. With bizarre lyrics like “My pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola,” her songs definitely qualify as “strange music.”

Of Montreal

Another example of strange music is a band I once saw on a failed Tinder date (the date is irrelevant to their strange music): Of Montreal. This group of men dresses up in costumes one can only describe as a hodgepodge of wardrobes. Their songs and psychedelic experimentation will leave you feeling on a mind-altering journey after attending one of their shows. 

The Residents

Finally, if you’d like some really bizarre entertainment today, look into The Residents. This is a band that typically releases one-minute movies with strange themes and videos featuring characters wearing odd costumes that are clearly designed to make a point. This not only completely counteracts song releases that we expect, but it also makes for some trippy stuff to watch! 

The great thing about music is that no matter how bizarre it sounds, it can still bring you joy while listening to it. So next time you’re looking for a unique bonding experience, just ask someone what kind of music they enjoy — you never know what varying musical tastes you’ll discover!

Feature Image by Retha Ferguson from Pexels



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