4 Brutally Honest Reasons You’re Still Single


If you don’t have a partner right now, you might question if something’s wrong with you. Chances are that there’s nothing “wrong” with you, but you’re likely single for a reason. Here are four possible reasons why you’re still single:

Romantic relationships aren’t your priority.

If your goals include achieving financial stability, working on a successful career, or taking care of yourself, you might not want to commit to a relationship. And there’s nothing wrong with that! If you stay single, you’ll be able to avoid choosing between a relationship and another important aspect of your life. 

You don’t make time to meet new people.

To find the right partner, you should try to meet new people, but you might be too busy to prioritize your social life. If you’re a workaholic, though, try to make time to find people you connect with.

If you can’t make time to mingle with others, online dating platforms can help you find your perfect match. If you want to try online dating but don’t know where to start, Click Cupid has honest reviews about dating sites and apps, so you can decide which might be a good fit for you. 

You still have to “fix” yourself.

Being single gives you a great opportunity to explore your strengths and weaknesses and become the best version of yourself. If you’re still recovering from a past relationship, try to learn from what went wrong. When you recognize how you contributed to your previous relationship’s mistakes, you can prevent yourself from making the same mistakes in the future.You haven’t moved on from your last relationship.

You may still have feelings for your ex or hope that  you can get back together with them. Moving on from a previous relationship can be hard, but it’s an important step towards pursuing a future relationship. After all, if you commit to someone new without mentally and emotionally moving on from the past, your new relationship will likely not succeed.  

It’s not your time for a relationship.

Everything happens in time, including relationships. If you haven’t found the right person for you,  you just have to wait for your turn to find love. 

Feeling jealous of your friends who are in relationships is normal, but don’t commit to someone you just met. You might regret it later on.

A friendly reminder: Being single is normal!

If you’re single and want a relationship, take a look at the reasons why you haven’t found a partner. Reflecting on your relationship history and personal goals can be painful, but it’ll help set you up for the perfect love story.

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