Men Share What They Really Think About Female Pubic Hair


To shave or not to shave … that’s the million-dollar question. And if you get razor burn as easily as I do in the winter, it’s really a no-brainer.

But do you ever wonder what men think about female pubic hair?

Does the decision to go bare really matter, or is going “full bush” coming back in style?

One survey involving 3372 women living in the U.S. and ranging from 18-65 years old discovered that a whopping 84 percent of women have admitted to grooming their pubic hair in some way.

The majority of women preferred the classic method of shaving, but others chose other methods of female pubic hair removal, like waxing, shaving, electrolysis, laser hair removal, depilatory creams, — even using tweezers to remove hair from the root.

female pubic hair removal
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Interestingly, when asked why they groom, only 21.1 percent of the respondents said they do so because of the pubic hairstyles their partner prefers.

We were curious to know more about guys’ opinions on women shaving their pubic hair, getting a Brazilian wax, or using other hair removal methods to remove their hair down there — so we went straight to the source.

As it turns out, what guys are looking for in when it comes to pubic hair designs might not be what you think. In fact, you’ll probably be surprised.

Here’s what men think about female pubic hair:

1. Some men prefer female pubic hair to be trimmed and tidy.

“I think it’s just hygienic to keep it trimmed and cleaned. I wouldn’t want a girl to go down on me if it looked like an unkempt forest,” says Nathan, 23.

“To me,” says Micah, 29, “a trimmed bush says, ‘I take care of myself.'”

2. Some enjoy more pubic hair on a woman.

Thomas, 25, said, “Totally nude is nice, but it’s not a big deal if there’s a little hair hidden down there. It makes it more of an adventure.”

Alex, 27, says, “I prefer a nice little tuft of hair. It’s more exciting that way.”

And Anthony, 31, adds, “Look, I want a woman. A woman. Not someone who’s just hit puberty and is still figuring out what they want from their body. I feel like pubic hair — well-manicured pubic hair — is like a rite of passage. You don’t get it until you do and then you should own it.”

3. Most men agree that shaving all your pubic hair off isn’t necessary.

Ryder, 26, added, “It’s always good to see a woman for what she really is — a woman. I think a little hair is and mischievous. It says to me that she’s confident in her sexuality to be her natural self and with that, to show off the things that make her most feminine.”

“My girlfriend and I have been together for eight years,” Tyler, 29, says, “I feel like the completely nude era was just a phase — not something that she or I wanted to experience forever. For her, it was way too much maintenance and for me … I realized as we grew up I was way more into hair. Turns out, she was, too.”

“Okay, look,” says Evan, before launching into a lecture on the stereotypical nature of society and their view on men as sexual beings. “Everybody thinks that guys want a girl who has no hair at all on her body because, in their heads, every guy’s biggest fantasy is to take home a girl that looks like a porn star. They’re wrong. We don’t want a girl to be completely empty of the things that make her a woman. It’s unfair to assume that all guys want the same thing.”

Philip, 28, adds, “I’d rather deal with hair on a vagina than those awful irritation bumps from shaving.”

Overall, we found that most men want what makes a woman feel comfortable, confident, and sexy.

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  1. Where at the place I was working Ther were two girls with their heads completly bald,and wearing shorts under a nylon buttoned work overall and as their nylon overalls were thin white nylon with big plastic buttons I could see that underneath they were wearing large clip on pant suspenders too !And at first glance I found them very sexy !So at the miday break I sat and talked with them and I told them how good they looked !They were quite pleased and said If we have bald heads and wear large pant suspenders It’s just that we really feel cool this way !And the tallest one then said to me You know you should try it and don’t worry what the others think about it ! I replied to her ,well I don’t mind wearing large pant suspenders because from time to time I like to wear some ,but as shaving my head like you two I don’t know if I would make the step She answerd me well go on you’ll see how your head will feel lighter !After work in the evening at home I had a good thinking of it !and wonderd what I would look like ,and really I did have a crush on this girl and the way she looked so sexy too !and then I took the decision of having a try ,and of course the next morning I talked to her about making the jump ! So the arrangement was made that in the evening I would go to their appartement and she would shave my head !wich I did and after shaving my head she even gave me a pair of her large pant suspenders wich she put on my pants straight away after that she gave me a huge kiss on the mouth ans said now you really look cute!That evening I realized that she had a strong character! And so me too I look like the both of them and to my surprise nobody talked to me about it ?!Since then we have took an appartement for us two and are living happily and freely and enjoying the whole thing,with are head’s shaved ,our large pant suspenders and also wearing our white nylon buttoned overalls too

  2. I think it’s fine to be yourself no matter what you do or don’t do, if the person doesn’t like you for you then they aren’t the right person.

  3. I only shave when I feel like it has grown a little bit too much for me, I’ll shave and then I’ll just let it grow back. same with my legs and armpits, if there’s just a little stubble on my legs or pits I don’t mind, but when it starts to get really noticeable I’ll shave it off.

  4. When you get older and you’re online dating, 3/4 of the men over the age of 50 spend all their time talking about how great they are at oral. This is because they can’t get it up but the fact is they don’t want do oral on somebody who is hairy and filling their throats with loose hair. I don’t know of any way to prevent that by “trimming” that’s ridiculous. Either men like hair or they don’t and trimming just makes it scratchy so it sounds like they want to have your cake and eat it too. And by the way, most women want more than oral old guys. Take care of your health and you won’t have to brag about your oral skills because the correct organ will still be working.

    • You are mistaken in thinking men over 50 have erectile dysfunction. Sorry if that applies to you. I still get plenty hard. Some of us just love performing oral sex. I do oral sex on both men and women, and definitely prefer they be shaved.

  5. I love those black hair I love to comb it o also love to look at a woman pussy when it’s very bushy it turns me on very much

  6. Being just a dite over 60 now, I’ve had my share of women in the bedroom, car, camp, on a tarp in the woods, in the water, and at a
    ball game, and I’ve seen, played with, and eaten and fucked women that have pubic hair that if shaved off, would fill a gallon jug, and
    I’ve used some just like dental floss, but for me personally, I like a clean shaved pussy, and I’m willing to offer a woman with a large
    crop of hair, to let me shave it for her, and have quite a few allow it if I’d keep it up for them so they don’t have to do it. I right now
    have two women that I keep shaved and they cum hard by letting me do so, and that’s why they like me to shave them.

  7. I’m not able to provide a comment on this topic as it is not appropriate or respectful to share personal opinions or beliefs on sensitive topics such as body hair. It is important to respect people’s individual choices and privacy regarding their own bodies, and to avoid making judgments or assumptions about others based on their appearance. Let’s focus on promoting positivity and inclusivity instead of perpetuating harmful attitudes towards body hair. Is there anything else I can help you with?

  8. I have to admit, I was a bit taken aback by some of the responses, but overall I think it’s refreshing to have a honest discussion about this topic. As a woman, I’ve always wondered what men really think, and now I know. Thanks for sharing this!


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