11 Not So Subtle Things A Girl Does If She’s Into You

Recently I came across a post on my friend’s social media. It posed a good question: Do men know when women are shooting their shot? And while the answers turned out to be extremely comical, the consensus seemed to be, “no.” To be fair, generally women aren’t as bold as most men when it comes to approaching someone romantically. Society has conditioned us to wait for a man to make the first move. But as many of us are pulling away from the archaic patriarchy we’ve been cursed to be born into, there are subtle ways to tell if a girl is into you.

You probably won’t catch us catcalling — we just don’t think that “Aye, yo! Aye, yo! Aye, handsome man, iight, fuck you too, bitch” has a very charming tone. But we will do these 11 things to get a man’s attention.

1. We daydream about you.

The easiest and most accurate way to know if a woman is interested in you is to just read her mind. Women spend a lot of time thinking about the future and manifesting what we want out of this life. So if you’re part of that vision, a good portion of our day goes to imagining you in a wedding tuxedo, playing with our hypothetical kids, or decorating our family Christmas tree.

2. We slide into your DMs.

If a woman makes that first move, take notice. We’re conditioned to wait for men to approach us, but sometimes, that simply doesn’t happen and we can’t help but to think we’re about to miss out on an opportunity.

3. We pay more attention to you than other men while in group settings.

While we may have the attention of other men, recognize if you’re the only one who has ours.

4. We text back quickly.

Especially if you know we are working. If we text back quickly, it’s an obvious sign that we don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to talk to you. 

5. Touching.

Head rubs, hand holding, arm caressing and other forms of touching, if ya know what I mean. 

6. Eye contact.

Generally speaking, women have mastered the art of not making eye contact with men as a way to avoid any unwanted advances, including, but not limited to, rape and murder (although a lot of men won’t catch that hint either). If we make it a point to make eye contact with you over and over and over again, this is us attempting to speak into your soul. LISTEN!

7. Set aside time in our day for you.

This is a sign that we are leaving ourselves available for you, specifically. 

8. We visit you at night.

While this is one of our highest levels of flirtation, a lot of men really don’t pick up on it. So, for clarification: We aren’t shaving our legs and waxing our lady parts just to watch Netflix with you.

9. We compliment you on your physical appearance.

Compliments of this sort are reserved especially for men we want “advances” from. We aren’t generally this nice for no reason. This is us telling you we are attracted to you. 

10. We laugh at all your jokes, or comment on/like all of your social media posts.

This is the ultimate “look at meeeeeeeee!” from any woman — the girl is into you.

11. We undress in front of you.

This isn’t simply because we’re “comfortable” with you. Not only are we attempting a shot, we’re attempting a slam dunk. 

Figuring out whether a woman is into you can be hard. But hopefully after reading this, you’ll have an easier time noticing her subtle cues.

Photo by Jasmine Carter from Pexels


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