8 Subtle Ways To Flirt With Him Without Touching

Showing a guy that you’re actually interested can feel really hard sometimes. After all, you don’t want to be vulnerable or too forward, but you still want to show some dominance because, let’s be real: Guys suck at reading what we imply. So here are eight ways that you can playfully flirt with and seduce your crush without even touching him.

1. Cross and uncross your legs.

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If you’re sitting down, cross and uncross your legs to flirt. It’s most effective when you wear a dress or skirt because he’ll try to see your underwear. Regardless, he’ll definitely stare at your long, beautiful legs as you seductively move them around. 

2. Draw attention to your lips.

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If you want him to kiss you, draw attention to your lips. Lick them, touch them, or just wear a flattering lipstick. As long as you subtly emphasize your lips, he’ll naturally start looking at them more and pucker up.

3. Play with your hair.

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Don’t twirl your hair or push it back because that’ll make your roots greasy. Just brush it down, tuck it behind your ear, or fan it behind your shoulders. Also, don’t focus on your scalp; that may look like you’re scratching your head, and nobody wants to deal with dandruff. 

4. Wear perfume on the back of your neck.

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Whether you walk by him, play with your hair, or reach in for a hug, he’ll definitely smell your perfume. Everybody knows that scent can turn someone on, so spray a little extra back there and give him a reminder of how nice you smell. 

5. Play with your necklace.

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If you’re having a casual conversation with him, start playing with your necklace a little bit. Twist it in your fingers, adjust the charm, or move the chain so the clip sits behind your neck. He’ll definitely stare at your kissable neck!

6. Sit with a straight back.

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Not only is good posture really attractive, but sitting straight is also the perfect way to flirt. For example, if you sit straight and keep your shoulders back, you’ll push your boobs out a little bit more. Trust me, good posture makes your cleavage look amazing!

7. Bend over.

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If you’re really trying to show him your assets to seduce him, bending over will work wonders. If you’re wearing a low-cut top, lean over a bit to give him a little peep of your cleavage. Or if you’re standing and you drop something, bend over to pick it up in front of him. He’ll definitely stare!

8. Face him.

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When he’s talking to you, face your entire body in his direction. He doesn’t want to see you glancing around the room or checking out other men, so show him that you’re paying attention. Plus, he’ll notice if you’re facing someone else. 

Sure, we all know not to cross our arms because it gives off the impression that we don’t care. And we definitely know not to stay on our phone because it’s such a turn-off. But these other minor, not-so-obvious flirting techniques will turn him on. Hopefully, he’ll pick up on your hints and make a move. Because let’s be real, playing hard to get doesn’t always work.

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  1. My crush is older than me by 2 years and he doesn’t talk to me yet we have a lot in common when me and my bfs walk past he stares and will make eye contact. Both of our names start with the same letter D and we both speak Spanish.


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