20 Flirty Texts To Send Your Partner To Reignite The Romance

Despite how long you’ve been with your partner for, there can be certain things you may feel uncomfortable to talk about together. Initiating sex in a different way can be daunting, especially if the two of you are stuck in a routine.  It’s intimidating and oddly scary because you don’t want to look like a fool, but you still want to show your partner you want them.

It’s good to put yourself out there in a relationship when it comes to your sex life, especially if you feel like you want to spice-it-up in bed.  While it can be out of your relationship sex pattern to come forward with your darkest desires and your blunt statements, it’s healthy to put yourself out there and meet your own needs and wants. 

Here are 20 texts to send your partner to break the cycle, and awaken your sex life.. 

  1. Should I even bother getting dressed before you come over?
  2. I’m not in the mood to send nudes tonight, I’d rather you see my pussy in person. 
  3. Text me when you’re here so I can get on all fours for you. 
  4. I don’t think I’m going to shower yet, I’ll just wait for you to get here instead and you can do it with me.
  5. I’m sorry, and you’re not licking between my legs right now, because?
  6. Look, my room is a mess, can we just do it in the kitchen or the shower instead?
  7. By the time you get here you’re going to find me having an orgasm by myself if you keep driving that slow. 
  8. So where do you want to cum tonight? In my bedroom, on my tits?
  9. Don’t touch yourself today, I want all your cum tonight. And I mean as much as possible. 
  10. I’m so horny even seeing your name on my phone gets me wet.
  11. I didn’t get any work done today, I was too busy thinking about you pounding me from behind.
  12. I can’t wait to show you how sexy you are tonight. 
  13. Don’t even say anything when you come in, just come and fuck me ASAP. I need you.
  14. Babe, I can’t find the underwear that matches my bra, is it okay if I don’t wear panties tonight?
  15. Would you want oral to wake you up or bacon?
  16. Wanna make my neighbors hate us and shake the walls tonight? I’m home alone and wanna get loud.
  17. You’ll never guess what I’m wearing right now.
  18. I can’t sleep… And I don’t think I’ll be able to unless you fuck me senseless. 
  19. I’ve never felt this wet before. 
  20. Stop sexting me and just fuck me already.

It’s important to note a lot of these can be used while making plans to see your partner or for the times you know you’ll see them. By the time they arrive or you get there, the mood will be set and the anticipation will be extremely high. It can also be said the sex you’ll have will be out of this world. Give it a try and see what happens. No one said you even have to reply to their response, be the cheeky little tease you know you can be.

Featured Image via LaBella Instagram Tumblr



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