Mind Games: 5 Things Your Dreams Are Trying to Tell You

Dreams happen nightly but we don’t always remember them. Why are only a few resounding in the mornings? In a word, your subconscious. Feeling stressed, mulling over a future decision, or regretting a past encounter? All of these things come into the limelight in your dreams. Our brain has a tricky way of making them more vivid when something is really bothering us. Here are a few scenarios that happen in dream-world which will give you big clue about how to interpret the message your brain wants you to hear.

1. Nature and the Elements: Rain provides so much change to the natural world when it happens. In dreams, as in literary works, rain symbolizes that change. Time is always passing which means we are always changing; some changes are more major than others which cause a lot of fear. And rightfully so.

When other nature related things are present, like mountains or an empty field, try to look at them as objects. What words come to the forefront of your mind? Mountains are strong, immobile, and foreboding while fields can seem endless, light, or barren. Take these observations and apply them to how you’ve been feeling lately to see what your dream means for you specifically.

2. Life and Death Situations: Being in a building that’s on fire, natural disaster, war, or majorly violently occurrence could mean you’re really scared of losing a lifeline. You may think you depend on a person or location to be your whole life; you assume it could all be over without that one crutch. If you’re an onlooker as a loved one is in a terrible situation, you are terrified of losing them.

3. People From Your Past: This could be an ex, a childhood friend, an old relative, or anyone you’re no longer chatting with regularly. These people are a sign that you’re missing something. I find nostalgic dreams are triggered by the slightest thing. A topic of previous sports played with a coworker could have you remember the good ole days of recess dodgeball. Missing a part of your life is in no way an indicator that you’re unhappy with the current situation. There are times when that is the case, but most often it just goes back to how inevitable aging is and how we all wish it would slow down.

If you have a lot of people that are new to your life in your dreams, it has a similar meaning to when those older acquaintances appear. You are worried of a new chapter, missing comforting surroundings, and nervous of how you will be received into the group.

4. Running But Not Moving At All: You must be avoiding something. Could it be a big meeting or test? Maybe a conversation with a loved one that could be hard to hear? If you’re trying to get somewhere with all your might to no avail, you have to stop and find out what’s keeping you from moving forward. You’re being held back and you can’t go on in any aspect of life if you don’t face challenges or hold yourself accountable for your past.

5. Being Naked At School Or Work: Classic nerves. You’re embarrassed about yourself or your actions or what you have to do as a presentation. Rock it! Shake your naked booty because it’s only a dream and you will wake up.

Regardless of what is happening in the dream, if you fall or trip then are jolted awake, you must focus on remembering what was just happening. Whatever the situation, your brain gave your limbs a push to wake you up so that you would have that scenario fresh in your head. Look to the above clues, or to a dream dictionary, so that you can move forward with this obstacle.

If that twitch happens right as you’re falling asleep, it could be that your body and mind aren’t in sync about bedtime. Your brain is ready but your body wants playtime. Some people move or kick a lot when they sleep without waking up. This just means you’re busy running through everyone’s dreams all night.

Featured image via Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels



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