What It’s Like To Want You For Just One More Night

When a relationship ends a lot goes through your mind. You think about how things could have ended differently. Maybe even should have ended differently. You think about the very beginning and how different everything was. But no matter what it seems like you are always wishing that it wasn’t the end. Always wishing for just one more night.

Lie To Me For One More Night

Tell me you love me.
Tell me you never stopped loving me
and that every moment
apart from me has been
agony for you.

Tell me you want me back.
Ruin my life all over again
just like you did a year ago.
Lie to me for one more night-

Just one more night.
Give me the real you –
the one that was so
in love you couldn’t stay away.

I just want to see him,
for one more night.
Love him for one more night.

Leave me in the morning
because we can’t get back
to where we were.

That’s easier to see
in the light of day.
But stay with me
for one more night.

Even if it’s all a lie.
For one more night, let me
live your lies again.

Featured Image via Unsplash



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