Why You Should Follow My Mom’s #1 Piece Of Advice About Positivity


Our past experiences inform what we believe and feel. For instance, there are the positive memories that we want on replay so we don’t forget the good things in life. And then there are the negative memories that seem to never leave our minds for good despite positive advice.

No matter what our past holds, how we react to negative or positive feelings and memories determines what follows. In other words, we can’t control if we feel haunted by something, but we can create positivity out of darkness. 

So, I encourage you to take my mom’s #1 piece of advice. Instead of dwelling on the negative, think of and list out two or three positive thoughts. 

For example, if you become angry at your best friend, think about two or three positive aspects of their character. This helps you match the negative with the positive. After choosing positivity, you aren’t nearly as angry. I recommend either saying them out loud (when you’re by yourself) or journaling those thoughts to help simulate your emotions without hurting others. 

My mom has also always told me three positive statements:

1. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

2. Stressed spelled backward is desserts.

3. Look at the glass half full instead of half empty.

If I was ever complaining or had something negative to say, she would come back at me with one of the statements above and make me tell her at least 3 positive things or 3 things I was thankful for. That was her advice.

Look, we are all human and we were given feelings to express our needs and desires. Still, it’s important to reflect on what you do with your emotions.

Do you take out your anger on others? Or do you show compassion to others even when it is hard? Do you share your joyful experiences with others in your community? Are you giving into negativity or are you choosing positivity?

It is okay to have feelings. It’s normal. Whether they are positive or negative, you have to think about how to move forward with them to experience a good outcome. Choosing positivity will lead to much better outcomes.

Our reactions to experiences are just like toothpaste: Once they’re out there, they can’t be put back in. We’ve all experienced regret after lashing out towards someone or something. Demonstrating compassion is difficult but that’s no excuse..  Are you always compassionate, caring, and loving toward others? Do you always speak words of kindness?

The answer to this is probably not so much. We are all guilty of saying unkind things about or to other people. I get it: Choosing to be positive when you’re stressed or upset can be so tough, but it will have an incredibly strong impact on your life. So next time you feel this way, just pause and take a breath before saying or doing anything. This may help you feel more centered before reacting to something.

So I encourage you to take my mom’s advice and always think about your emotions, others’ emotions, and how you can always turn things around with choosing positivity. Remember, you can’t change the circumstances; you just have to learn to roll with the punches and stay positive. Never forget that your emotions can be turned around for good! You never know how your positivity can impact someone else’s life.

Radiate positivity, my friends. It is truly the best medicine!

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