Forget Blondes and Brunettes: Why Redheads Have The Most Fun

Red is the new black, at least when it comes to hair. Actually, red is the new black, brown, AND blonde! Red hair has gained a lot of support recently – no longer are freckled gingers being mocked and made fun of, but instead they’re admired and coveted for their unique, natural beauty. Some of the hottest celebrities are sporting red hair and the rest of us are quickly following suit. Why is red hair the hot new trend? Because gingers have more fun!

There has always been a debate about who has the most fun, blondes or brunettes, but neither of these answers are correct. In reality, redheads have more fun. Whether your hair is naturally red or dyed red, you will undoubtedly have more fun than all the blondes and brunettes around you.


  1. We always stand out in a crowd. With natural redheads only taking up 1-2% of the population, we can be the center of attention whenever we want.
  2. Since we gingers have no souls, we never have to worry about having too much fun.
  3. Our hair is always an essential part of our outfits.
  4. We never have to worry about putting color into our outfits – our bright locks keep even an all-black outfit looking chic and colorful.
  5. We have more sex! According to a German study, people with red hair have more sex than people with other hair colors. That alone is enough to prove that we have more fun. 😉
  6. The color red is associated with power and success in men and physical attractiveness in women. That means that people are naturally drawn to us!
  7. Red hair makes you feel confident, powerful, and strong. Red is a passionate, fiery color, and it can bring out your best personality traits. You can’t hide in the background with red hair!
  8. We always have something to talk about!! From Emma Stone to Debra Messing to Bella Thorne, these gingers make even the best blondes and brunettes jealous with their stories. It also doesn’t hurt that these red-haired beauties are amazingly gorgeous.

If you haven’t fallen in love with red hair yet, maybe it’s time for you to jump on the bandwagon. Red hair can work for anyone – just find the right shade and you too can exude confidence, sexiness, and fun!

Featured Image via Unsplash


  1. The text talks about natural redheads but name 3 fake gingers on item 8. Should at least replace them for Nicole Kidman, Jessica Chastain and Karen Gillan.

  2. I am a natural redhead and my mom was a gorgeous natural blonds I find most white men are attracted to blonds like my mom Marilyn menroe was an ash strawberry blond almost looked black naturally. My moms eyes were a pale blue mine are pretty pale to like Marilyn menroe only with lighter natural redish hair and blond eyebrows with more terquise eyes and I find more Mexican men prefer my coloring do I certain blue eyed white men are attracted to me to if they are brunette or ash blond but most platinum blonds prefer brunettes or blonds.

  3. Men prefer natural ash blind and brunettes over natural redheads and natural plain blonds any day platinum blonds and redheads strawberry blonds are naturally the lightest of all but when ash blonds and brunettes bleach it all over for summer they steal all the attention men prefer darker eyebrows vs lighter pale blonde eyebrows.

  4. Well the truth is most natural redheads have platinum blonde everywhere with a touch of strawberry on top of head so basically were platinum blondes underneath. More so then anything else.

    • I totally agree. I’m a very white 22 year old Swedish white girl with extremely long natural pure platinum blonde super shiny very healthy very silky hair longer than I am tall, which I always wear down much to the delight of men and envy of women. I also have the lightest brightest bluest eyes and super fair very light pinkish skin. My eyelashes eyebrows and pussy hair are all pure platinum blonde too. I’m definitely v very proud of my natural platinum blonde hair and my very bright very light blue eyes and my looks.

      Us blonde blue eyed white girls are definitely the most desired girls by men of all races. We’re the most intelligent too and studies have continually proven that. Men of all races literally worship us. Non blonde women are all very jealous of us and wish they looked like us. Black women are the most jealous of all. Only kind of downside is we do get sunburned very easy. That does kind of suck. Other than that I love being a blonde hair blue eyed white girl.

      I’m married to and have 2 kids with a very dark black pure African man who is the darkest blackest man I’ve ever seen. I have always loved and found black men sexy. They of course just like all men love and find us sexy and worship us Me being the longest haired blondest bluest eyed fairest skinned hottest whitest white girl and him being the darkest blackest man we definitely catch a lot of people’s eyes and attentions . I also always dress all in very bright pink and wear a very bright pink headband which catches even more people’s eyes and attention. Black women are always so mad jealous and hateful to me and I actually find it quite funny and amusing. They especially get mad and jealous when they see me with my black husband and my black kids.


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