How To Turn Up Your Sex Life And Have Him Begging For More

You probably know what your man wants in bed and are doing everything to fulfill his sex needs. But, trust me, ladies, they always desire more. Men don’t always express everything they want verbally. If they love to play with your breasts and touch all those private places, then they’ll likely love something kinky to mix it up; something that will just blow their mind.

Time to show your kinky moves, ladies! How about serving your favourite man food naked?

Make your partner call out for more: play with his nipples, roll out your hand on their chest, squeeze the buttocks, and kiss hip from head to toe. Make sure all his nerve endings are on fire from your touch.

Fulfilling men’s fantasies always seems harder. Being a lady, you have to put in the extra effort to find those burning desires for him. So, get ready, beautiful ladies, because I’ve got everything you need right here! This is your time to give your partner a deep, stimulating orgasm.

Change positions for different stimulation.

There are some creative sex positions like “taking legs higher.” “climbing on him will make you feel tighter, which will be very nice for him, too. The tighter your vagina is,  the more fun he will have during the process. With positions that place you on top, he will also be able to play with other parts of your body, which he likes. If you want your man to get extreme pleasure, try to stay in one position till climax. Or, you can change it up in between if you’d like. Take some notes from the world-famous sex position guide The Kama Sutra.

Initiate things, but read his cues.

Most men love when women take the initiation. They just love when women get them in the mood and seize the moment with their naughtiness. So, ladies this time take the courage and please your man. Make it romantic by lighting scented candles, wearing your partner favourite lingerie, and taking charge of the entire scene.

Climb on him, mindfully engrossed in the play. To make things more sensual, try swirling an ice cube around in your mouth before you go down on him. This helps stimulate your own oral moisture, plus the warmth of your mouth mixed with the cool ice will stimulate more nerve endings in his penis. Also, be sure to touch all his parts, lick the ears and wrap your arms around his neck and kissing passionately.

Tell your man to really express himself.

True, you can’t read your partner mind, but asking your man to give you more than a simple, “It feel so good,” will really give you some clues when you’re doing things right.Communication between sex is essential; you have to let your partner know when to go faster, when things are really doing it for you, and when to stop.

Give a chance to adult toys.

Sex toys are meant to give the wildest pleasure. Bring on some kinky couples sex toys and use them to give the ultimate satisfaction to your man. Trust me, you will both love and enjoy the pleasure offered by sex toys.

Furthermore, you can ask your partner to play some “games” while having sex. There are some really kinky ways to play: with ropes, floggers, handcuffs, blindfolds. In short, bondage play. Bondage gear is a fun way to mix things up and please your partner sexually. Be his slave; tell him you’ve been a naughty girl and ask him to play with your body.

We all know going through the same routine in our daily lives gets boring and quite humdrum, so why do we let things get that way in the bedroom? If you really want to please your man and leave him begging for more of you more often, these tricks are just what you need. So, ladies, get your man in the mood, love him like there is no other day.

Feature Image by Thought Catalog via Unsplash



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