International Day Of Happiness: 5 Ways To Boost Your Positivity Today

Today is an opportunity to celebrate one of the most basic and important human emotions – happiness! Since 2013, the United Nations has celebrated the International Day of Happiness on March 20th as a way to recognize the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world.

To help you spend your day as happy as you can be, here’s a list of 5 simple ways you can boost your positivity today. 

1. Give yourself a coffee upgrade

Instead of the usual morning cup brewed at home, make a trip to your favorite coffee place, have a seat, and indulge in a fancy morning beverage. Maybe even throw in a pastry, too! Don’t forget to smile at your barista — not only will you get your morning caffeine fix, but you will also spread the positive vibes.

2. Get yourself flowers

A gift from me, to me! Treat yourself to a gorgeous blooming bouquet to brighten up your spirit and your home. Give yourself the happiness you want and deserve.

3. Have a bubble bath

Feeling tense or stressed will not add to your happiness. Allow yourself the chance to unwind and relax! Give yourself time to lay there without rushing so you can truly have a pamper session. Bubble bath, candles, music — it works wonderfully. 

4. Listen to a podcast

There are so many podcasts out there. You name it, and someone’s probably done a podcast on it. Listening to a podcast you find interesting can not only make you happy but can also be a great thing to talk about in conversation with others. If you know someone who would really like the podcast you’re listening to, let them know. Start a conversation and make them happy too. 

5. Do something selfless 

The Mental Health Foundation states, “An act of kindness can improve confidence, control, happiness and optimism. It can also encourage others to repeat the good deed that they’ve experienced themselves – it contributes to a more positive community.” What spreads happiness more than kindness? Doing something nice will not only make you feel good but spread the joy. 

International Day of Happiness is the kind of holiday that aims to see happiness on a global scale. It encourages others to spread happiness big and small, and make changes to the way people view the world. Start a chain reaction of positivity in your day today. Then, vow to create happiness every day. 

How will you be celebrating the International Day of Happiness? Tell us in the comments!

Photo by Gian Cescon on Unsplash


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