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Hi! I’m Allie and I like warm hugs! I’m an outgoing, fun-loving, loud, let-me-tell-you-bout-it, big hearted gal from small town Southern Kentucky! You better believe I am all about some good food and country music. I am a Jesus follower, Disney dreamer, and an ice cream lovin’ girl. I love to meet other people and hear their stories. You can often find me in our local coffee shop chatting it up over a white chocolate mocha because you can’t go wrong with some coffee and conversation! I live in order to speak light into the darkness and truth into brokenness! My purpose in life is to live with abandon and to grow relationships that lead to restoration! Loving God and loving people are what keep my little world spinning! I believe in being the best version of yourself and never being afraid of taking the leap of faith toward doing what you’re called to do! I believe in being kind to others and living with compassion. Smile at strangers. Be kind. And never be afraid to share your story. We all have one, be vulnerable and let yours shine!

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