There Is A New Subscription Service Dedicated To Making Your Periods Easier

Ah, periods. Although most women deal with them quite regularly, we still treat them as such a taboo topic. As a child, I was mortified when my mom talked about “Aunt Flo” (especially when she told my aunt that I had started mine). I also hated shopping for supplies for that time of the month. But now, I think that it’s important for us to openly discuss that periods are natural. And of course, we should also help reduce the huge stigma that society’s attached to them. After all, we should never feel ashamed or embarrassed for having periods!

The average woman has an average of 540 periods in her lifetime.

During that time, she uses 10,000 pads and tampons for an average of 80,000 hours. When you really do the math, you’ll realize that’s a lot of time! 

Obviously, we learn from a young age how to “handle” our periods, but nobody tells us about the ingredients that make up the “sanitary” products we use. Until we become independent adult women, we’re freaking clueless about the harm these hazardous products can cause our bodies. What’s more, the “feminine hygiene” industry doesn’t force brands to disclose ingredient lists, so we can’t even research what the heck they use to make our pads and tampons.

However, thanks to Blume, there’s a new way to get your feminine hygiene products – and learn what’s in them! 

Blume is a fast, customizable self-care subscription box that offers chemical and BPA-free, FDA-approved, certified organic period products for people all around the world.  You can order these ethically-made period products in any combination you want them with their Build A Box Period Set.  Then they deliver your biodegradable menstrual products to your doorstep in a fun self-care box. So instead of feeling icky about your period, you get a fun little present to help lighten your mood (and your flow, too). Oh, and Blume also offers free shipping!

Many women never realize that scientists have linked the tampons’ toxic chemicals to PCOS, endometriosis, and hormone disruptions. However, using natural products helps eliminate those risks. Blume openly shares their products’ ingredients and provides insight about alternative period products. This knowledge alone is more than worth the subscription fee.

In addition to traditional pads and tampons, Blume’s personalized period box can also include a “Self-Care Bundle” with deodorant, face wash, and blemish treatments. If you struggle with PMS, they also offer a “PMS Bundle” that includes a Cloud 9 essential oil blend. Finally, if you select the “Treat Yourself” option, you will also receive a delicious treat in your box each month.

Blume has thought of literally everything a girl needs to help make her periods easier to cope with.

Because your box is entirely customizable, Blume’s prices do vary. But most of their products are completely affordable, and the add-ons only cost a minimal extra fee. Liners run as cheap as $2 for an 8 pack, and the PMS bundle runs just $9 for the essential oil blend! You can also customize your delivery date to fit your body’s needs and avoid that “Oh, shit, it’s that time again!” emergency run to the nearest store.

Personally, ordering a subscription box to help me deal with something that happens every month is a no-brainer. So even if you stick to your old, reliable brands for period products, I encourage you to investigate Blume for yourself and learn what ethically-made, chemical-free pads and tampons can offer you. Besides, who doesn’t want to say “screw it” to the stigma we associate with periods and enjoy a product made for women, by women?

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