Want To Elope? 8 Steps To Plan Your Perfect Day

Planning to elope can be challenging because you may lack time and support. But if you dream of eloping, you can make the process less stressful for you and your partner. Here are eight ways to plan the perfect “elopement wedding:”

Decide on how you’ll fund your wedding.

Your budget should be an essential part of your wedding, so decide how much you’re willing to spend and where that money will come from as early as you can. Do you plan to use savings to fund your wedding? Will you take out a loan? Is your family willing to help? Come up with a plan for funds before you decide on a budget. 

Then, determine your budget. What kinds of wedding themes would be possible at each potential budget amount? Would you be able to fund your dream wedding on your budget? What price point feels comfortable for you and your partner? All of these factors may ultimately influence your budget.

Choose a wedding location.

Many couples who elope choose to tie the knot at a dream destination.Discuss with your partner which locations appeal to you, and decide on a destination that you’d both love. For instance, many couples are eloping in Gatlinburg, TN because of its exquisite views of the Smoky Mountains. You can choose a rustic setting, a foreign locale, or somewhere local -anything is fair game! 

Check your wedding destination’s laws.

After you choose a location for your wedding, you should check its marriage laws. That way, you can avoid potential issues with your marriage license and other legal forms and know what to expect in advance.

Arrange your travel plans:

After you select a suitable date for your wedding, create a travel plan so that you can find the best deals on flights and hotels. If your wedding destination is in another country, make sure that you book your flights and accommodations as early as possible so you can find the best options.

Before you book a hotel, research possible options and narrow them down based on their amenities and proximity to your venue location. Consider any possible transportation you’ll need to travel from your hotel to your wedding venue, and add that transportation time into your wedding day plans.

Write your vows in advance.

If you have limited time before you elope, don’t forget to write personalized vows before you leave for your special day. Because elopements are more flexible than traditional weddings, you can say almost anything you’d like!

Plan who (if anyone) else will attend your wedding.

Although some couples elope completely privately, others opt to include their closest family members and friends in their special day. Thus, if you feel that you want your parents or any other members to be a part of your wedding day, then you can tell them about the plan and create a short guest list for their arrangements.

Eloping may feel stressful, but if you stay true to what you want and plan your wedding in advance, the process will be much easier. Follow these tips for a stress-free, perfect wedding day!

Photo by Foto Pettine on Unsplash


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