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I express my thoughts and emotions through words.
intj girl reading coffee

16 Things You Must Know About the INTJ Personality Type

INTJ is one of the rarest personality types, but...

How To End Your Almost Relationship Without Ghosting

We’ve all been there. You meet someone and they...

12 Things You Should Know Before Falling For An Introvert

Introverts: we’re the so-called misanthropes, loners, or lone wolves...
headache chronic migraines

16 Ways Having Chronic Migraines Changes You

Every day it’s hard to drag yourself out of...
pets and health

How My Pets Helped Me Cope With Severe Depression

I am a big dog lover -- maybe a...

This Is Why I Love Everything About Being A Woman

Being a woman isn’t always easy. We have to...

30 Promises I Made To Myself On My 30th Birthday

I am officially no longer a 20-something woman. 

To The Girl That Has Forgotten Her Worth, You Deserve So Much More

Every word he ever said to you remains imprinted...

Why You Shouldn’t Measure Your Fitness Progress Through A Scale

People often become frustrated when they don’t see the...
men crave relationships

What Women Don’t Realize That Men Crave In A Relationship

So, what is it that men actually crave in...

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