3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hate On The Reboots Of Your Fave Childhood Shows

Reboots are popular as ever. In the past few years alone, popular TV networks have rebooted shows like “Full House” and “Charmed,” as well as films like “Ghostbusters.” With all these reboots surfacing, though, I tend to see one common trend: overly nostalgic people complaining about the new version of their beloved show or movie. While we’re all entitled to our own opinions, here are three reasons why you shouldn’t be so quick to hate on reboots.

1. Reboots bring us new talent.

This summer, Nickelodeon unveiled the return of their cornerstone sketch comedy series, “All That.” The original series launched the careers of stars Gabriel Iglesias, Amanda Bynes, and Nick Cannon. Without a well-established vehicle like “All That, we may not have discovered these young stars otherwise, and that goes for the reboots, too.

Maybe you’ll eventually see these reboot stars, like Nathan Janek, in other projects and be able to say that you “knew them when.” These new stars’ careers can last decades and may even eventually lead to starring roles in television or film. For instance, Janek’s Ariana Grande impression won’t make you say “thank u, next,” but it will remind you of the “All That” of yesteryear and prove that the best is yet to come for the young star!

2. There’s a resurgence of the original series.

If you’re complaining about a series reboot, you’re most likely a die-hard fan of the original. Thanks to the new version of the show, though, there may be a spike in Netflix streams or TV reruns, possibly because the generation who grew up with the show wants to relive the nostalgia, while the next generation wants to learn about the series’ characters, motifs or plot lines before diving into the reboot. Plus, we all know that when multiple generations bond over their favorite TV shows, it creates some truly priceless memories. 

We’ll definitely see this phenomenon in action with the upcoming “Lizzie McGuire” reboot! Thanks to Disney +, both millennials and Gen Z’ers can view the OG series, the movie, and the revival. The “Lizzie McGuire” reboot lets us binge-watch our childhood fave (and hey, now, that is what dreams are made of!) If children and tweens get into the reboot too, they can experience the magic just like we did. It’s a win-win!

3. Reboots are geared towards a different generation than the originals.

Odds are that the reboots of our favorite shows are appeal to a different generation than the one that watched the original series. We should be OK with our favorite shows’ reboots because frankly, they aren’t for us. Reboots give future generations quality content, and if we decide to give the new series a shot, too, they can make the generation gap in TV less noticeable. 

So instead of griping about all of our favorite shows’ reboots, let’s give thanks that these new series let our childhood shine through to a new generation. If you give reboots a chance and keep an open mind, you may not even feel tempted to shout “Get off my lawn!” when the characters use slang you just don’t understand. Long live reboots!

Which reboots are you most excited for?  Let us know in the comments!

Featured Photo via Disney Channel Lizzie McGuire


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