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13 Men Explain Why They Ask Their Girlfriends For Anal Sex

Ah, anal sex. One of the most daunting suggestions for someone who’s never done it before (and maybe never wants to try it). If you’ve dated a guy, you’ve probably had them ask you about it. And with some guys, it may come off as them having a fascination with it, whereas many women may not understand the draw in the first place.

Out of curiosity, I interviewed a few guys to hear their reasoning behind enjoying anal sex or asking their partner for it. Note: many of the answers were repetitive, so I’ve curated a variety of responses with varying reasonings.

Here are some reasons your man may want to do anal, according to other guys:

“It feels different than a pussy but in a good way. The sensation is new but equally satisfying.” Ryan, 24

“I love how taboo it is and how right it feels despite being ‘wrong’.”Rich, 28

“My girlfriend is the one who really likes it — I’ll never say no to that.”Khalid, 27

“Seeing it in porn all the time made me want to do it.” Christian, 22

“It’s a dominance thing. When we do it, I feel like I have total control of her and I really like that.”Cody, 26

“My girlfriend and I use it as a selfish perk. When the focus is on her for the night, I go down on her. Since she doesn’t like going down on me a lot, when it’s on me, we do anal.”Cale, 24

“It’s a treat that only happens once in a blue moon like on my birthday. It’s just a nice change.”Chris, 27

“I just want to have sex in anything I can fuck.”Spencer, 29

“It’s something to brag about to my friends.”Brian, 26

“The trust that comes with anal. I only do it with girlfriends so to me, it’s a sign that we’re serious and they trust me.”Steve, 30

“It’s just something new to try — especially when you’ve been with the same person for a long time or your sex life is boring.”Cole, 25

“I’m an ass man. I like spanking them, playing with them, licking them and fucking them.”Drew, 25

“Because who wouldn’t?”Jared, 28

By the sounds of this collective research, most men want to do it because it’s something new, to freshen up their sex life, or because (as Jared puts it) who wouldn’t? As daunting and painful as it may seem, there are also many ways to get familiarized and comfortable with doing the dirty from behind. Have an open conversation with your partner and bounce off ideas for what you are willing to do and not. Remember: you make decisions for what happens to your body. 

And if you were curious about what all the hype is all about, well now you know.

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  3. Men enjoy it because it’s the most intimate way to become one with their woman. As long as he doesn’t approach it in a manner of using his tool like a jackhammer and goes nice and slow, the woman should like it, maybe even come to enjoy it once she learns control, breathing, and how to relax. Men who just slam it in and begin pounding away ruin how truly intimate it can be for both


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