10 Netflix Gems That You Should Start Binge-Watching Right Now

After a long day, sitting down with a glass of wine and watching a great Netflix show is especially relaxing. However, the sheer number of show options can overwhelm us! If you’re unsure what to stream, fret no more! Here are 10 Netflix hidden gems that’ll give you plenty to binge-watch.

Schitt’s Creek 

Plot Summary: The über-rich Rose family suddenly finds themselves broke, so where do they live? A derelict motel in a town they once purchased as a joke: Schitt’s Creek.

Why You Should Watch: The series stars Eugene Levy of American Pie fame along with his real-life son, Daniel Levy. 


Plot Summary: Protagonist Dylan searches for love, but finds chlamydia instead. With his best friends by his side, he goes on a quest to notify his former partners of his illness. 

Why You Should Watch: The show contains plot twists and intriguing friendships and offers a great story about all of the different ways that we love each other. 


Plot Summary: Sam is a typical teenager looking for love. Well, except for the fact that Sam’s  on the autism spectrum. As Sam seeks more independence, his mother must travel her own path of self-discovery and learn to let go.

Why You Should Watch: Atypical is a truly heartfelt show that will make you laugh and cry, sometimes all at the same time. Autism is a hot topic these days, and this show portrays the Autism experience with heart.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Plot Summary: Kidnapped as a young girl and forced to live underground in a doomsday cult, Kimmy (and her sister wives) are eventually rescued. The series follows Kimmy as she moves to New York to navigate her newfound freedom. 

Why You Should Watch: If you’re a fan of The Office, you’ll love seeing Ellie Kemper light up the screen  on a journey to find herself. Lisa Kudrow guest stars as the titular character’s mother, and Tina Fey is her often-drunk therapist. Then, there’s Titus: a man you’ll have to see to believe.

Russian Doll

Plot Summary: In the spirit of Groundhog Day, this show follows Nadia, who dies at her 36th birthday party… over and over and over again. In this deadly timeloop, Nadia’s life constantly restarts at the same moment so  she can try to unravel the mystery of her death. 

Why You Should Watch: Natasha Lyonne is brilliant! Plus, even though the show is a continuous déjà vu, you’ll never know what might happen next.  

The Umbrella Academy

Plot Summary: A dysfunctional family of adopted superhero siblings must solve their father’s mysterious death and protect humanity from a possible apocalypse. 

Why You Should Watch: Gerard Way, former My Chemical Romance singer, created the comics that inspired The Umbrella Academy The show also contains mystery and superheroes and the very awesome Ellen Page. 


Plot Summary: Joe Goldberg manages a New York bookstore. Upon first meeting, he develops a disturbing infatuation with writer Guinevere Beck. Joe uses social media and other technology to follow Beck’s every move and make her his forever

Why You Should Watch: Told from Joe’s first-person point of view, this show will leave you speechless. You won’t believe the lengths Joe goes to for this woman, and The premise will enthrall your inner voyeur. 


Plot Summary: Financial advisor Marty Byrde relocates his family from Chicago to Missouri after a scheme gone wrong. Now, Byrde must launder $500 million to pacify a powerful crime lord.  

Why You Should Watch: The mediocrity and illusion of the suburbs quickly gives way to body counts, gritty plotlines, and exceptional female characters

Grace and Frankie

Plot Summary: Grace and Frankie are happily married to their husbands for over forty years, until they discover that their husbands have been keeping a surprising secret from them: They’re in love – with each other. Uptight Grace and free spirit Frankie must come together to support each other through the chaos.

Why You Should Watch: The cast of this Netflix show is superb. Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen, and Sam Waterston create a magical dynamic of love, frustration, and acceptance. Jane Fonda shows off her comedic chops opposite Lily Tomlin, whose banter will leave you in stitches. 

Alias Grace

Plot Summary: Based on the novel by Margaret Atwood (the same woman responsible for A Handmaid’s Tale), this historical gem follows psychiatrist Dr. Jordan as he determines if the court should free murderer Grace Marks,  who is allegedly insane. 

Why You Should Watch: This mini-series is full of historical classism, distressing societal roles, and plot twists that will leave you reeling. 

If you’re looking to break out from your go-to binge shows, these fresh Netflix gems will provide you with hours of laughter, tears, and gripping suspense. So grab your remote and step out of your comfort zone – you may just fall in love with a new favorite show!

Which of these 10 Netflix gems will you stream first? Share with us in the comments!

Featured Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash.


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