19 Ways Your Friends Are DJ, Stephanie & Kimmy From Full House

If you’ve had the same group of best friends since childhood, you can definitely see a bit of yourselves in that “Full House” trio of DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy Gibbler. The self-proclaimed “wolf pack” has grown up together and is now navigating the world without leaving each others’ lives, like only real BFFs do.

Now that I’m getting older, I’m recognizing these similarities within my own group of girlfriends. I can’t help but laugh when I watch “Fuller House.” I honestly envision their crazy antics as my tribe’s own (It’s sad to say, but it’s all too true).

Are you ready to see all the ways your besties are just like our favorite women in the Tanner clan? Here are 19 ways that you and your girlfriends are just like DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy!

Doing Things Young People Do Makes You Feel Cool

Even though you aren’t that old, you recognize that sometimes, you’re not as trendy as you used to be. That doesn’t stop your girl gang from trying to live it up and fit in with the “cool kids,” though.

You Collectively Struggle To Get Skinny

You’ve finally realized that the days of eating whatever you want without it catching up to you are long gone. So now, you all just get together and complain about dieting.

You’re Onto Their Tricks By Now

You’ve been around each other long enough to know when your bestie is trying to use you, or they are being suspiciously sneaky.

You Have A Cheesy Nickname

Because what friend group doesn’t? True love starts with hilarious names that only make sense to you and your crew.

You Have A Hang-Out Routine

You ladies have hangouts down to a science… and your routine usually consists of relaxing while being fabulous and drinking booze.

Your Childish Sides Come Out Every Once In a While

Whether it’s acting goofy and letting go of your inhibitions or just indulging in some nostalgic pleasures, you all totally still act like kids together.

You Always Have Time For Drinks

No matter how busy your lives are, there’s always time for liquor with your gal pals!

Your Boyfriends Are Even Close

You’ve all spent so much time together that even your misters have become BFFs. And, it’s not because you forced them to be, either.

You’re Super Skeptical of Every Date Your Friends Have

Some things never change. You’ll always be super cautious of every person your best friends date because you’re  protective of them like that.

You Don’t Know What The F-ing Trends Are Anymore

What are those kids up to these days? You don’t know… mainly because you’re all too old to care.

You’re Always Ready For an Adventure

And you barely need time to prepare, because nobody needs plans to have a blast with their besties!

You Still Call Them For Any Problem

Whether it’s a major or minor issue, you must discuss.

You All Still Have Your Sassy Confidence

And you’re never afraid to use it.

Some Confessions Still Make You Nervous

Even though you know that your friends won’t judge your bad decisions, you still fear their disappointment.

One Of You Is The Annoying Friend

But you can’t quite decide who it is in any given moment because you’re all equally annoying.

You  Always Reminisce Together

There are always moments when you all sit back and think about how your lives have changed. Because, let’s be honest, you’ve forgotten about a lot of memories.

You Have An Unwritten Girl Code

And you never, ever break it.

You’re Lucky To Still Be Friends

Even after all these years, you are all still incredibly thankful for the bond you share with your crew.

And, That Special Bond Will Last Forever

And ever and ever and ever…

Having a girl gang that you’re still as close with now as you were as kids is something special that you should never take for granted. Through all your group’s many life changes and obstacles, you’ve all remained friends through it all, and you should always celebrate that!

Featured image via Full House on Netflix


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