From Deals To TSwift: Here’s All The Info About Amazon’s Prime Day

Have you set a reminder on your phone for Amazon’s annual Prime Day that’s scheduled for next Monday, July 15? If so, you might want to back that up.

Turns out that Amazon actually started offering amazing deals early in anticipation for Prime Day. The deals start Wednesday, July 10, and change daily through Prime Day. Current deals are on everything from Amazon’s Echo Dot to toothpaste. This Prime Day, Apple products also seem to be going for unusually low prices on Amazon. Many people predict that more tech and back-to-school essentials will show up on these pre-Prime Day deals.

Oh, and did you hear that Taylor Swift is performing live on Amazon’s website tonight in anticipation of Prime Day? Yeah, we all need to calm down!

Prime Day isn’t just for Amazon anymore, though.

Big box retailers like Walmart and Target also announced plans to run special deals during this two-day period as well. Macy’s already kicked off its own spin of Prime Day called “Black Friday in July,” and eBay will run special deals during this summer savings whirlwind, too.

According to RetailMeNot, this Prime Day actually falls during peak Back-To-School territory. Aside from Christmas, the fall school return rush is often one of the busiest times for most retailers nationwide. Predictions show that up to 250 retailers will partake in the Prime Day rush, so it’s a great time for anyone to snag deals.

Although Prime Day sounds like a win-win for all, not everyone is “loving it” this year.

In fact, Amazon employees in Shakopee, Minnesota plan to strike during two July 15 shifts. Warehouse employees have felt that their work conditions are unacceptable, especially after Amazon’s new one-day shipping option went live. These pushes to fulfill orders even faster puts many warehouse employees under pressure and at risk for additional workplace accidents.

This strike is the first of its kind for the United States, and one of the first during a major shopping event. Back in November, Amazon employees across Europe performed a work stoppage and protest during Black Friday. In addition to these warehouse protests, citizens in New York stormed Amazon’s corporate storefront.

Regardless of how you feel about Amazon, though, one thing’s for sure: You can definitely find some great deals through early next week!

Are you ready to score some Prime Day deals? Just remember that most of these items run for limited times and sell out quickly. Also, don’t forget that you must be an Amazon Prime member prior to July 15 in order to score these Prime Day deals! So, prepare your fingers for quick clicking! Best of luck this Prime Day!

Feature Image via Vanessa Hudgens & Amazon Instagram


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