What Every Woman Needs To Know To Happily Survive Her 20s

About the man who broke your heart, be thankful. He is one of the stepping stones you will have to cross to get to the beautiful end. If he tries to leave you, don’t beg him to stay. That’s the biggest regret I have; putting myself in the situation of where I cried begging a man who was no longer in love with me to stay. I didn’t realize my worth, I didn’t realize that if he wanted to leave I should’ve let him because it hurt even more when he left after he said he loved me.

If a man wants to leave you, let him. You deserve the world more than you know. Never lower your expectations, because you do want to find love. You will find love, a love that is so genuine it makes you realize that when women sat there and said, “All men are the same,” they lied. You can have your love story;  don’t give up on the desire for it.

About that woman you looked at, thinking how beautiful she is, that you wish you had her hair, her eyes, her body and her life; she could be looking at you thinking the same thing. You are beautiful and you are unique. Spend less time looking up tips and tricks to be more attractive in society’s standpoint. Sure, simple modifications are good every once in a while. When you change something and it makes you feel beautiful, it is an amazing feeling, but, if you look in the mirror and see a person staring back at you that you don’t recognizestop and be you. Be the beautiful and unique woman you are, and wear your confidence, because that is the most beautiful thing you could ever be. Wear that smileIf something means a lot to you, fight for it. You will win battles, you will also lose some, but when you lose, learn to be okay with it.

Your losses are what help make you who you are.

It helps you learn passion in what you believe it helps you learn acceptance that you cannot win every battle you pursue in life. Most importantly, it helps you develop patience, to change the things you cannot accept, but accept the things that you cannot change.

Travel, go to places you have never been, make friends, dance in the streets, sing loudly, and smile as if there is nothing bad happening in the world. Be the wildflower you know yourself to be. Never be afraid to speak your mind and love everyone with a love that will only draw people in, not push them away. Don’t be a b*tch to other people because it is a new trend or because you just can. You will realize the way that you act, will only attract people similar to you.

I don’t want you to think I am perfect and have life figured out. In fact, I am still learning. I would just like to share with you some of the things that I have learned over the past few years, months, weeks and days. I am beautiful, I deserve the world, I am strong, I am independent, I am better than I think; and so are you.

Featured image via Wan Mohammad Aliff on Pexels


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