Why Dating Apps Suck More Than Being Single

Dating apps have taken over the dating game to the point where most of us don’t even know how to converse with a person without half an inch of screen between us.

Apps like Tinder have removed the inconvenience of scouring the land for a mate, but have some cons, one of which irks people the most: waiting.

With all the technology we have at our fingertips, we have become accustomed to instant gratification when it comes to receiving data or looking up facts. However, with online dating, there seems to be an unlimited amount of time spent responding to an individual.

You swipe right on some guy, and then what? You wait for him to message you something like, “hey”. What am I supposed to do with that? There is no immediacy to my response because you had all the time in the world to message me, and the best you could do was “hey”??

Even with apps like Bumble, there are still flaws. For one, I don’t know about you but sometimes I can’t get myself to message that person even within 24 hours. I may not see the match right away, or I may feel intimidated, despite the fact we just matched and he obviously likes something about me?

Dating apps have created this unnecessary amount of waiting and wondering what the real dating world doesn’t seem to deal with. Waiting for a guy to text you falls under that domain, but the initial meet & greet is organic and natural. You’re not waiting hours for a human to respond “hey” back.

I love the convenience of dating apps because I can sit in my sweats and show off the best version of myself at the same time. But, I want that instant gratification that meeting people in person seems to bring.

That’s why I use Spree which is basically a dating app that takes the best of these two different worlds and combines them into one real-time dating app.

With Spree, single people are matched and talk at the moment. Spree allows you to cut the bullshit wait time and really get to know a person for their personality rather than their profile. The plus side is, you still don’t have to leave your house to find that special someone to sit next to you binge-watching Friends with. Now that’s love.

Originally published on University Primetime

Featured image via Roberto Nickson on Unsplash


  1. If someone says hey to you in real life would you look at them like a retard not knowing how to respond? No. You would say “hey”, or “what?”, back and get an interaction.


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