3 Things Every Hopeless Romantic Should Know In Your Relationships


Will hopeless romantics ever see beyond their rose-colored glasses? No one can really tell. But if you’ve been a hopeless romantic for your entire life and your relationships never pan out here are a few pieces of advice that can help you:

1. Giving everything distracts you from seeing what’s more important.

Even if you think that giving everything to your partner will serve your relationship well, it may give you the opposite result. Hopeless romantics find satisfaction in making extravagant gestures that they may overshadow the value of simple things, like listening to their partners’ needs. Listening to what your partner truly needs from you gives your partner validation and shows respect, but it’s more than just hearing what your significant other is saying. Listening wholeheartedly means paying undivided attention to what makes your partner truly happy.

2. Fairytale thoughts of love can raise your expectations too high.

Everyone wants a happy ending, but not every relationship will end the way that we want it to. The problem with having these grandiose thoughts is that they distract us from seeing the reality of relationships. The truth is that we can’t always control whether or not we get happy endings to our love stories. Hopeless romantics should learn to be realistic when they face pain, despair, and defeat in their relationships.

3. You can’t control how much love your partner gives you.

Since hopeless romantics can be too invested in their relationship, they may expect to receive more than what their partner gives them. Sadly, though, that’s not how mature relationships work. Only time will tell how much someone can love you and how much love you should give in return. If you sacrifice everything for love, remember that we all show love differently and in different amounts. 

As a hopeless romantic, you might refuse to believe that you are “lovesick.” It may even take you years to understand that love isn’t all that fairytales make it out to be. Nonetheless, love is what it is, and with these tips, you can help accept any type of love that you receive.

Featured Photo by Hian Oliveira on Unsplash.


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