90’s Kids Rejoice: You Can Now Visit Good Burger In Real Life

The All That revival premiered this past week, and now, children of the 90’s can rejoice even more – they can now dine at a real-life Good Burger!

If you’ve never heard of Good Burger, you’re definitely missing out. The restaurant originally appeared as part of a sketch on All That. In the sketch, the hilarious Kel Mitchell played the goofy Ed, whose catch phrases like, “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?” and later on, the catchy “I’m a Dude” song inspired millions of kids to start following along. When the Good Burger movie later premiered, Kenan Thompson (who also starred on All That) played the reluctant Dexter, and the rest was history.

On the other hand, if you’ve always dreamed of eating one of those classic Good Burgers, then you’re in luck. The team who brought “The Max,” a diner from  iconic 90’s show Saved By The Bell, to life are also heralding this iconic fictitious restaurant to fruition. Derek Berry, one of the partners who helped recreate “The Max,” said in an interview that “Immersive nostalgic experiences continue to be something fans really clamor for.”

Trust me – I’ve been clamoring for the opportunity to down a Good Burger since 1996 (and I’m sure you have, too!)

While I’m a bit bummed that the pop-up Good Burger is only located in Los Angeles, I will live vicariously through those who get to experience this life-changing pop culture moment. So if you’re one of the lucky visitors who have the opportunity to witness 90’s TV history, have the time of your life!

The Good Burger pop-up will take tour reservations and cost $30 per person. If that’s the most expensive restaurant reservation you’ve ever made, though, don’t worry! You’ll get 90 minutes inside the establishment as well as a commemorative item to bring home with you and show off to all your friends. Let’s just hope that your reservation also includes Ed’s secret sauce on your burger – that would definitely amp up your experience!

You’ll have from July 10th through December 29th, 2019 to get a chance to dine at Good Burger, so hurry in and relive your childhood! After all, living our childhood memories in real life is what dreams are made of, and this is the perfect opportunity!

Are you excited for the Good Burger recreation? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Photo via Pexels


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