It’s Official: “All That” Is Coming Back To Nickelodeon!

Oh, oh, oh this is All That!

This Is All That was a tune that was blasting through our television speakers throughout the 90’s. Now, fourteen years later, we have a chance to sing the same tune again. Nickelodeon announced yesterday that the All That reboot has a premiere date of June 15 this year! The Saturday Night Live for children is coming for a new generation of youth!

All That premiered in 1994 and had a cast of upcoming youth performing sketch comedies. There was Kenan Thompson who now has a recurring role on SNL and holds the record for longest running cast member, Kel Mitchell who currently stars on a Nickelodeon show called Game Shakers, and even Nick Cannon who hosted his own stand-up comedy skit show called Wild ‘n’ Out. As of right now, we know Kenan and Kel are going to be executive producers, so we hope the original cast does make an appearance in the reboot.

Kel Williams posted a selfie with OG cast members Josh Server and Lori Beth Denberg earlier this week indicating the first week of filming is already done too!

Meanwhile, the official AllThat instagram page gave us a sneak of what the new vibe of the show might be.

In even more exciting news, The Jonas Brothers posted a video on Instagram with Kel Mitchell dressed in his classic Good Burger outfit. In the video, they were telling us that they were going to be the musical act of the premiere night of All That. The musical acts were fun to watch and sing along with. We’re going to get a lot of our childhood idols in one night!

Other notable All That cast members who have gone on to have their own success after their stint on the series include; Amanda Bynes, who went on to have her own sketch comedy spin off The Amanda Show on Nickelodeon and a number of successful movies, and Jamie Lynn Spears who went on to star in Nickelodeon’s hit show Zoey 101.

The last time we saw the original cast together mixed with some classic favorites was during an episode of Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out that featured some alumni to celebrate the success of sketch comedy and to help reminisce over some classic jokes and references.

So, 90’s kids get your TV or streaming network ready! Have your parents join in the fun because I am sure they have memories as well. Grab your popcorn and Capri Suns and get ready to laugh again just like you did as a little kid.

Image credit by Lori Beth Denberg’s Instagram


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