5 Things You Should Do When Stress Takes Over Your Life

So, I’m a couple weeks into my summer vacation and instead of planning a grand getaway to anywhere tropical, I wake up and go through the same uncontrollable thought process of: “How am I going to pay rent this year?” “How am I ever going to land an internship?” And of course, the ever popular: “What am I doing with my life?” I’m no expert, but I do know that while questions like these are large and unwelcome, there are ways to stop stressing about them, even for a moment. Here are some ways you can put your troubles aside and free yourself from the everyday stresses of life:

1. Dance it Out

This sounds silly, but I firmly believe that dancing is the ultimate way to clear your head. Whether you’re a great dancer in a studio, or a horrible dancer in your own living room, dancing gives you absolute freedom to look crazy good (or just crazy) and think of nothing but the beat of the music. Grab the girls and go out, crank the tunes in your living room, or dance around the kitchen while cooking. No matter what, you are bound to feel better.

dancing friends sad greys anatomy advice2. Write About it

Sounds super cheesy, but this really does work. Keeping a journal provides a way for you to grab a hold of whatever life has you stressing about and put it all down somewhere other than your mind. Writing the worries down before bed is the best idea because then you can literally close them up for the day, and be able to get a more relaxing sleep. Let your feelings out on paper, no one else has to know.

slut fugly slut mean girls burn book3. Color

Adult coloring books are so trendy right now, and while I’m not always the one to hop right on the latest trend, when I heard that it was acceptable to color at my age, I was all over it. There are tons of themed books, many of them specifically aimed toward being “stress free.” Being able to create a piece of art in any way you want to is so insanely relaxing and it helps you to focus on the task at hand. The intricate detail of some of the pictures makes it impossible for you to think of anything else but the page. Coloring is a sure way to make adulting fun and a little less stressful.

4. Exercise

I know a lot of people who tend to binge watch Netflix when life gets too stressful, and in my opinion, that is not the best option. Going out for a run, or practicing yoga will clear your mind, all while getting a fabulous beach bod. Another benefit of a simple workout when things become too much is that it can be an inexpensive way to clear your mind. You don’t need to worry about paying for a gym membership if money is the issue – with the help of some kick ass Pinterest routines, you can stay physically and mentally fit right in your own living room.  

exercise lark voorhies tv 80s saved by the bell5. Figure Things out

While it’s easy to shove your problems aside and focus on anything but the problem at hand – the tough part is figuring your shit out. Ultimately, this is also the thing that really is going to help you. Worried about what classes to take in September? Start researching now so you’re prepared. Wondering about what to do post–grad? Weigh the pros and cons of every possible option you are interested in. I believe there is a solution to everything and while I am all for the fun distractions posted above, the thing that will help you move forward when stressing about life is making yourself proud doing what you need to do and getting to where you want to be. Trust me, once you get that weight off your shoulders, it will be such a relief.

relief phewAll in all, life is a difficult and stressful road. At times it feels like nothing will ever work out the way you want it to, but it will. It won’t be easy and you’ll definitely need some stress relieving dance break downs. But if you take the necessary time and put in the right amount of energy, stressing about life won’t feel as bad. Eventually you will figure it out.

Featured image via Dids on Pexels


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