4 Completely Valid Reasons Some Women Might Not Want Children


Society always pressures women who aren’t mothers, especially as they grow older. It’s “human nature” to conceive children and further your bloodline, so many people perceive women who don’t want children as “selfish” or “crazy.” But here are five reasons why women choosing to remain childfree is completely reasonable:

1. You have a higher risk of medical complications after age 35.

Medical experts suggest that women not have children past age 35. Choosing not to have children in your late 30s may help you prevent a high-risk pregnancy or a miscarriage. Physiologically, a woman can become pregnant after 35 if she’s in good health and menstruating, but not every woman will feel comfortable having children when the risks are higher.

2. You need to find the right man. 

In order to have a child, a woman needs a good partner. Choosing a man at random just because you want to to conceive isn’t the best choice. What if the father of your children ends up being abusive? What if he has an STD that he’s not aware of? And what if he has hereditary diseases that will pass onto your child? Get to know the men you date and decide if they’re ready to have kids before you choose to parent with them. 

3. You should be financially stable.

Many women are waiting longer to have children so that they can go to college or graduate school and start careers. After all, being financially stable makes it easier to provide your child with food, shelter, and a proper education. Many women opt not to have children because they’d prefer to be independent when they do. 

4. You may be infertile.

Many women don’t have children because they’re infertile. Although in-vitro fertilization can help infertile women have children, the process is costly and can take a long time. Other women may simply resign themselves to the fact that they can’t conceive and choose not to have children altogether. If you’re tempted to ask a woman why she doesn’t have kids yet, keep in mind that there may be medical reasons behind her lack of children.

For these reasons and many others, asking women why they don’t have children yet can be extremely upsetting. Remember that having children isn’t a decision to take lightly, and many women have thought through their choice not to have children. It’s not your business why a woman is childfree – it’s her decision and her decision alone.

Featured Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash.


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