Mr. Ratburn From ‘Arthur’ Is Gay And The World Is Celebrating Intensely

Arthur has arguably been one of the most beloved and educational books and television series for children over the past twenty years. Additionally, the popular TV show just celebrated another milestone: a gay wedding.

In an episode aired today called ‘Mr. Ratburn And Someone Special’, the citizens from Elwood City received invitations to Mr. Ratburn’s (Arthur’s teacher) wedding. Also, the children were educated on what it means to be in same-sex relationships.

In the season 22 premiere, the class was educated in a typical Arthur-style lesson about gay relationships when they were in attendance for their teachers wedding and saw him walk down the aisle with the gentleman from the candy shop they met earlier in the episode. When they saw, none of the children questioned it but were happy to see him happy and getting married. Not only was this educational to show how the characters weren’t phased by his sexuality, it encouraged children to accept and love everyone and become supporters to others who identify as such.

The shows’ writers have tackled every applicable topic for children. From wetting the bed, needing a night light, learning to ride a bike, being scared of your teacher and the importance of friends and community. So, the fact that they took the leap to discuss such a mature and controversial topic is outstanding for developing minds.

Millennials who grew up watching the kids show are celebrating the momentous occasion and are getting hit with all the nostalgic feelings while acknowledging just how great this show was and continues to be for kids.

Arthur has always been a great outlet for educating children on real-life issues. All while maintaining kid-friendly terms and unforgettable storylines. I haven’t heard of a newsworthy episode on this scale since they taught kids about cancer by giving the character of Mrs. McGrady (the lunch lady) cancer. They used her story to educate kids on what it is and what it does to the body. (Outstanding and very emotional episode, might I add).

This is one of the first major television shows to address same-sex relationships and educate children on gay rights, as Mr. Ratburn did during this episode. It’s also amazing that someone whose been a main character of this kids show from the very start made this flawless transition and has opened a new discussion subtly for families to have. So the fact they did this on their season premiere and have no received backlash is huge!

And now that the nostalgia has us in our feelings, congratulations to the happy animated couple!

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    • At the time of publication that wasn’t the case. Things change, that’s why it’s called news, because it’s new.


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