16 Childhood T.V. Shows You Totally Forgot About

There’s something super comforting about the childhood shows you and your siblings collectively watched. There’s just something indescribable about that nostalgia, but it definitely makes you feel like a kid again. That’s why we all love talking about our favorite kids’ shows, even as adults.

It’s even better when you find someone else who watched the same shows as you, even the  strange ones. Some shows only aired on obscure channels, so not all of your friends saw them. Others slowly hooked you because they followed a more popular show. Then there were the ones that your siblings watched (and you said were so uncool), but you secretly loved, too.   

In the spirit of that childhood TV nostalgia, here are 16 television shows that you probably watched as a kid. These are guaranteed to will bring back the feels:

“The Big Comfy Couch” (1992)

Everybody remembers Loonette and her dolly, Molly! Not to mention the catchy theme song, iconic 10 second tidy, and clock warm-up stretch! I was always ready to clown around, so much so that my grandpa even took us to the mall to see the whole cast live.

“Zoom” (1999)

The kids of “Zoom” would cook, make crafts, and play games every day for 30 minutes. Honestly, though, I don’t remember much about this show. It came on after Arthur, and that’s when I’d change the channel to watch “Recess.”

“The Busy World of Richard Scarry” (1994)

Again, I don’t remember much about this show, but I certainly remember seeing it on television and feeling kind of fascinated.

“Little Bear” (1995)

How were all of the characters animals except for that one random human? And why did some characters wear clothes while others didn’t? So many questions…

“PB & J Otter” (1998)

I actually loved this show as a kid and always envied the slide that took the characters from their bedrooms to the kitchen table. Could you imagine how cool that would be in your house, even at this age? Disney always knew where it was at!

“Dragon Tales” (1999)

I wish, I wish with all my heart… that this show was still on air! While this classic cartoon only ran for a few seasons, it was actually really popular.

“Arthur” (1996)

What uncultured swine would ever forget Arthur the A-A-R-D-V-A-R-K! This television show was iconic in the 90s, and it’s still running! Plus, how could you not love DW? She’s an OG!

“Bananas In Pyjamas” (1992)

You could ask me about any episode of “Bananas In Pyjamas,” and I’ll probably have forgotten it, even though I know I watched it. The only thing I remember is meeting the Bananas at my dad’s work holiday party one year.

“Madeline” (1993)

The only thing I really remember about this show was the Grace the girls said before eating and Madeline’s feature-length film! Plus, Madeline’s beret was so cute!

“Franklin” (1997)

This was always a classic in our household! We also read the books in school. My only question is… why are Franklin and Harriet the only ones who didn’t have “animal” names like all of their other friends?

“Art Attack”(1990)

Our boy, Niel! This was honestly such a crafty show. It always gave me specific fun ideas that I could easily do at home. Plus, it was always so amazing to see the creations everyone made after watching the show.

“Goof Troop” (1992)

This show was lit, and no one can tell me otherwise.

“The Magic School Bus” (1994)

Not only was this one of the most educational shows of our generation, but it was also incredibly entertaining! Miss Frizzle actually taught us lessons that stuck, and it was one of the few television shows we got to watch at school in certain classes. Every time Ms. Frizzle graced our grade school TV screens, we were all thankful.

“Rainbow Fish” (2000)

Tell me I’m not the only one who remembers this television show. Please tell me.

“Out of The Box” (1998)

Looking back, I could totally see the connection between the show’s two hosts. But, I also remember how disappointed my sister and I were when we tried to build our own box fort, which did not look as cool as theirs did… on the outside or the inside.

“Bear In The Big Blue House” (1997)

I still tear up listening to the “goodnight” song, and I can’t help but recall fond memories of watching this adorable show. I wish they’d bring this one back because it was always so lighthearted and fun!

Now that you have the Dragon Tales theme song stuck in your head and are chanting, “Are you ready to clown around,” ask your friends or coworkers which of these television shows they watched as kids. Heck, if you really want a good laugh, go to YouTube and watch a few episodes. You’ll laugh as you remember how dumb some of these shows truly were. Seriously, you won’t believe what we used to find entertaining.

Featured image via RubyGoes on Flickr


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