Female Entrepreneur: How A Young Woman Turned Her Love For Crystals Into A Career

You can’t underestimate the power of becoming a female entrepreneur. Instead of working for “the man,” I want other young women to know that they have the power to turn their passions into successful careers by becoming their own boss. So when I find someone like Skyler W., who was able to launch her own business selling crystals on Etsy and social media in the middle of a global pandemic and while earning her master’s degree, I have to tell her story. 

Skyler W. has been the proud owner of BlondeBeeCreates on Etsy since July of 2020. Skyler has found tremendous success selling jewelry, crystals, and spell jars online despite facing many challenges. Today, she is ranked as a Star Seller on Etsy, meaning she has earned a reputation for high-quality items, excellent reviews, and outstanding customer service. In addition, the BlondeBeeCreates TikTok account now sits at over 900K views and has even had a video go viral

Skyler was kind enough to allow me to interview her about beginning BlondeBeeCreates and the challenges she’s overcome. If you are on the fence about turning your passions into a career or even a side hustle, let Skyler’s story be your inspiration to show you that it’s possible. 

CK: Why did you decide to open an online store devoted to crystals and jewelry? 

SW: At first, I actually thought it would be cool to make and sell stickers. It all started with the stickers I made with my printer, and I posted them on Etsy. I don’t think I sold more than two or three stickers before shifting to jewelry and, ultimately, crystals. 

This sticker is Skyler’s very first product sold on Etsy.  

I have always been drawn to crystals, but I rekindled my interest in 2020. The love for crystals has always been there, but with BlondeBeeCreates, I could own some amazing pieces and spend a lot of time around crystals than I could ever imagine. 

These moon earrings were one of the first crystal jewelry products Skyler ever sold. 

CK: Why did you decide to open your store on Etsy? 

SW: The decision to sell on Etsy was straightforward. If you plan on doing Etsy as a hobby, you do not need a business license. I have a business license now, but I was just looking for something fun at that point. Etsy makes it super easy to sell things.  You don’t need to make a website or set up shipping, and making a listing is simple. Etsy also offsets all carbon emissions created by shipments, making me feel better about using their platform.

CK: What is your process for finding new products to sell? 

SW: I used to make all my own jewelry. But one day, I was at a local pharmacy, looking at some crystals they sold. I looked up the business name where they sourced their crystals, and I found out this company sold wholesale. So I quickly booked an appointment. I originally intended to go and buy some pre-made jewelry but left with more crystals than anything else. I have been going to that specific wholesaler ever since! Honestly, my process is to buy things that I feel match my shop’s vibe. That being said, about 90% of what I purchase are my crystal cardholders since they are my bestsellers.

This Crystal Card Holder is one of Skyler’s best-selling items.

CK: What have you learned from running your own business? 

SW: The most important thing I’ve learned is to be patient. It took a few weeks to get my first sale. The first six months my shop was open, I think I had less than 20 sales. At first, I was discouraged since so many small businesses, especially on TikTok, were thriving. Meanwhile, mine wasn’t getting any recognition. But I had a consistent 43 followers on my business’s TikTok for over a year. Then, two weeks after my viral TikTok video, I had over 1,000 followers (now over 3,000). It took over a year to hit the point where I was getting views and more sales, but I am glad that I didn’t stop.

CK: What advice would you give someone who is debating starting their own Etsy shop or small business?

SW: There is no better time to start a small business than right now, especially given the amount of younger people that are looking to support small businesses over larger corporations. Do not be afraid to reach out to other owners in the field you are interested in. They will have a lot of advice to offer. 

If you do decide to start your own business, some advice I can pass along that I hope will be helpful is this: When you’re listing items on Etsy, add a video as well. This is a newer Etsy feature, but listings with videos get more attention. The only other advice I have is to work on packaging early on. I wish I would have figured out packaging at the beginning, and I highly recommend you figure it out, at least to some extent, before you start making listings.

CK: What’s coming next for BlondeBeeCreates? 

SW: I am working on creating mystery bundles that will be intuitively chosen. It will be challenging to arrange my inventory manually, but this is a trending concept right now, and one I have always wanted to do. I’ve also been doing a few flea markets, and I am hoping to do the Pasadena Flea Market at some point in 2022. 

I also do custom orders, which include making jewelry or buying crystals and other spiritual items in bulk. If you are ever interested in this, please let me know at blondebeecreates@gmail.com, and I will help!

*Some answers have been edited for length and clarity*

Connect with Skyler and shop BlondeBeeCreates on Etsy or visit her Instagram and TikTok!

Featured image via BlondeBeeCreates on Instagram



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