15 Signs DW From ‘Arthur’ Is Actually Your Spirit Animal

One of the latest trends on Twitter these days is Arthur memes. As if the one TV show that stuck out in our minds from when we were young, is the one and only Arthur. Now that I’m an adult looking back on some of these hilarious throwback moments, and I can’t help but notice that his little sister DW is basically my spirit animal. Here is proof that Dora Winifred Read is the original queen of sass:

1. She was fabulous AF.


It was so easy to lie about our allowance in Kindergarten. So, so easy.

2. She loves making money.


Same, DW, same.

3. She had no chill about Arthur’s weight.


But did Arthur care? No. He rocked those husky pants with confidence!

4. The joy she felt of getting her library card.


Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card! You know you sung that in you head, don’t lie. Although I definitely had this feeling when I got my driver’s license, so I guess the feelings mutual.

5. How she reacts when she got free samples.


Well, in her defense they didn’t say how many pieces a sample was. No shame in the game.

6. She tried to be helpful.


My mom gives me the same look at the dinner table…

7. Her comebacks to Arthur.


When all else fails, point out the obvious.

8. Her response to Francine when she tries to give her advice.


Sorry Francine, she just doesn’t need you.

9. 50% being serious, 50% being scared sh*tless.


RIP Arthur. In all seriousness, this may or may not be me when I see something scary and I’m with one of my best friends…

10. She’ll never let you forget when you did her wrong.


I don’t blame her, you gotta let people know when they ruined your plans. I’ll bring up something from 5 years ago just to prove my point.

11. She has big aspirations.


Don’t we all think that at one point or another?

12. Being bitter comes naturally.


But she hates it when it rains? Is there ever pleasing her?

13. She’s a winner alright.


She was Kanye before Kanye was cool.

14. Her song writing ability.


I still sing this about my siblings, so clearly it’s a hit.

15. The way she puts you in your place and never lets you forget it.


I don’t even know what to do besides laugh!

Although DW was inspired by Arthur author Marc Brown’s younger sister, there’s a bit of DW in all of us. She’s funny, sassy, bratty and all around a hilariously accurate character. She’s much better than her older brother. I don’t know why we aren’t seeing more of her memes all over the internet!

Featured Image via screengrab from Arthur.


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