Proof Taylor Swift Might Be Dropping A New Album Soon

Almost a year and a half ago, Taylor Swift dropped her sixth studio album, Reputation. Now, fans strongly believe she’s close to releasing her seventh. And while the days of T-Swizzle’s predictable album release pattern is no longer a thing (only true fans know she would release the first single in the summer and drop the album and go on tour in the next October or November), it’s actually very likely that their predictions are right.

This theory first brings us back to May of 2018 when Perez Hilton claimed Taylor would release her seventh album before she turns 30 this December. Then in October at the American Music Awards she said to the crowd that she was, “even more excited” about the next chapter. In July of 2018 and January of 2019, people saw Taylor leaving a recording studio in New York, one of which was on National Snake Day. So she’s definitely been thinking about it.

As of recently, Taylor’s also beginning to potentially foreshadow the upcoming future and tease fans on Instagram.

She’s been posting some pictures over the past few days that are counting down to something. An announcement or important release date, perhaps?

On Sunday she posted 7 palm trees.

On Monday she posted a photo of herself on the sixth step of a staircase before a pre-Oscars party.

On Tuesday she posted a photo of herself behind five holes in a fence.

But then, she posted a picture of her cat looking shocked on Wednesday and acknowledged that she knows about the fan theories. Fun fact: her cat has 4 legs. Coincidence?

If you really dig around on the ‘gram, you’ll notice that just a few days after her AMA’s announcement, she posted a picture playing Scrabble with her mom with the caption, “Let the games BEGIN.” This is also a reference to the first song on Reputation.

Oh, and in the Scrabble picture, did you notice it’s the same shirt as the one she wore in the third picture of the countdown? *mind blown*

Then, fans started noticing that on Taylor’s official calendar the number 13 (which all fans know holds a significance in her life) has special stamps in certain months.

With this being said, if her countdown (or alleged countdown) finishes in early March it makes sense that whatever announcement she’s set to release will happen in April since April has a stamp on it.

But wait, there’s a flower on the date of March 2nd, which would mark the final day of her countdown, signifying that something could happen on this date.

Some fans also see the significance of palm trees being discussed heavily as to what her newest album could be called. She’s been seen wearing outfits full of palm trees (like when we caught her leaving a recording studio). A palm tree is a symbol of “victory, triumph, peace and eternal life.”

She literally wore the word “eternal” on her dress once.

And what’s even more crazy about the speculation about the palm trees is that in the Look What You Made Me Do music video, Taylor was wearing a pant suit with palm trees on it as she announced the album Reputation.

Finally, if you check her YouTube account, you’ll notice that her video count says there are 245 videos but only 243 are actually on her page manually.

Aside from all of this crazy backtracking and intense online digging, it’s pretty incredible that if these theories lead to something special or are correct, it means that she’s been planning this for over a year. I’m just as impressed with fans’ detective skills as I am with T. Swift’s ability to keep things under wraps.

Either way, I’m sure we’ll all be surprised with whatever she has in store. So stay tuned on Saturday to see the grand reveal.

Featured image via Eva Rinaldi / CC BY-SA


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