Call It What You Want But Taylor Swift’s Latest Is Fire

Taylor Swift released Call it What You Want  and it only edges us closer to the big reputation album reveal.

This newest song showcases just how much a powerhouse she is. Whether you’re a fan or not, there’s no denying Swift refuses to back down when it comes to her music.

While it has some softer vibes than Gorgeous, Ready for It, and Look What You Made Me Do, this new one is straight FIRE! The Youtube video alone had 5,000 views in 2 minutes upon posting to the media site. Not to mention that 1,200 of those viewers left thumbs up IMMEDIATELY.

Call It What You Want gives off more of a romantic vibe than the previous songs. There’s a gentle embodiment of power and strength in the lyrics. This song taps into your mind and heart, letting you picture your own love story. Together with your lover you’re overcoming the trials along your relationship. It makes you feel in control of your story as the music plays.

While snapping your fingers along to the chill beat, you may notice the CUTEST LYRICS EVER — coming from Taylor Swift that is. The background features a little of the same sound from Look What You Made Me Do, but that changes nothing when it comes to how sweet she talks about whichever loverboy she’s singing about here. Seriously, let’s go over some of these lines:

The chorus alone is super sweet, “my baby’s fit like a daydream, walking with his head down, I’m the one he’s walking to. So call it what you want to, yeah, what you want to. My baby’s fly like a jetstream, high above the whole scene, loves me like I’m brand new, so call it what you want, yeah, call it what you want to.”

This song really goes through the stages of picking up the pieces from the last breakup, and growing into a new love that we all daydream of. She gets a little real saying she’s doing better than she ever was, before jumping into that catchy chorus. Swift speaks so subtly with any shade in this one with the mentions of kings and queens about her haters, but she speaks so so so much sweeter about this new mystery love. Who are these loves she’s singing about this time?

We’ve all been pretty torn between her recent singles, but she’s well-known for her musical risks, even if they all do have the Swift sound. She definitely does not let fear keep her from exploring her music. At the end of the day, I respect her skill and how she uses it. It’s inspiring to see someone take their talent and create things like T-Swift.

Seriously, comment below what your thoughts are! (Scroll on to find the video!)

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Collaboration with Cassandria Marie Vella

Featured image via “Taylor Swift Speak Now Tour” by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer / CC BY-SA


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