5 Promiscuous Things Women Do That Are Actually Empowering

If there is one thing that our society likes to do, it’s judging women who dare to be promiscuous and have an enjoyable sex life. But who said we can’t be ladylike, promiscuous and confident all at the same time? Here are five things that can be empowering for all women:

1. Send that scandalous selfie

We’ve all been there. There are those days when you look damn good and you want the men in your snapchat list to know that. I know it’s hard to feel comfortable taking a promiscuous photo let alone a naked photo. Do not let society tell you that sending this is slutty or that you’re being sexualized. Instead, remind yourself that you are a sexy, confident woman and you are proud of your body and of course, those snapchats!  You get to set the timer and you have the ultimate power. There is nothing more satisfying than feeling confident and sending that photo knowing that he will be thinking about you.


2. Have fun with casual sex

Sure, casual sex might be seen as the opposite of empowering for women, but there are a ton of reasons to have casual sex. Sex doesn’t have to be all about emotions; when a woman willingly has a one night stand because she chooses to, it can be one of the most powerful experiences. No one cares when you sleep with your partner 50 times when you’re together, so why can’t you sleep with whoever you want, whenever you want? You don’t have to justify anything to anyone. It’s fun, there’s no commitment and you’ll learn more about your sexuality and what you do and don’t enjoy. (Tip: Bring them to your house instead. You’ll feel even more powerful.)


3. Wear sexy clothing

If you are headed out for the night, do not be ashamed to wear that dress that hugs your ass the way that it should, or the low cut top that has heads turning. Wearing little to nothing may grab the attention of men, but that isn’t always what we’re asking for. Women enjoy getting dressed up and expressing themselves by showing off their best assets. Women’s clothes may be revealing, but really they are revealing much more than just their bodies.


4.  Talk sex with your friends

Whether it’s about the good kissers or the bad, what you like in bed or your sexual escapades in college, talking openly about sex is empowering. It may be uncomfortable at times with that awkward giggling, but this is a good opportunity to talk about what turns you on, what new positions you should try or how to be confident in the bedroom. If you all talk about the best ways to give a blow job, then you should take mental notes and show your man what you learned next time you’re alone! Confidence is key; when you talk about sex openly, that confidence will grow even more.


5. Tinder on your own terms

There may be a lot of “horror stories” going around, but Tinder could be a great social dating outlet. No matter if you’re getting over a breakup, too busy to go out and meet people, or simply bored, Tinder is there to help. This app has a lot to offer; it can help you step out of your comfort zone or it could get you back in the dating world. Worst case scenario, it could terrify you and give you and your friends some hilarious stories to talk about. You have the power to amuse yourself by playing hot or not, plan a date, or just have some fun. And if you enjoy writing, you can always blog about your experiences, too. I say take a chance and download Tinder. You never know, you could end up meeting your Prince Charming!


Life can be a little challenging for ladies who threaten the “ladylike” expectations of our society, but the fact of the matter is this: Be promiscuous, or don’t! We are in charge of our own choices. Every woman deserves respect, regardless of our sexual behavior. Promiscuity doesn’t represent us or reduce our humanity; it’s simply something to embrace.

Feature Image via Niykee Heaton Instagram.


  1. I’ve never met one woman who truly did these things to empower herself – only to fulfill some other need for connection, acceptance, or attention. I felt really sad reading this article. It was well-written, yes, but a very sad article. I completely agree that shaming other women at all is not good and should stop, however, encouraging women to do things that pretend to be fulfilling, but are really shallow forms of connection, will only sustain the disconnection from our true value as women.

  2. I love Anita’s comment says “slut shaming is wrong” and then calls stereotypically “slutty” behaviors shallow forms of connection. What a bummer she doesn’t know any deep, self-actualized women.

    I personally loved the article, even if it is a little surfacey-easy-to-swallow feminism. Women have their own sexual agency that, in a Puritan society like ours, is both shamed and denied completely. It’s important that women feel they have macro permission to do with their bodies whatever they want, without heavy guilt and shame piled on by both society, the media, men, and women like Anita.

  3. Yes, be you and love yourself to your fullest potential. We are all here to learn, love and grow. Thank you for sharing this!!

  4. I have to agree with Anita. None of those things are empowering but acts of depravity and major trauma in your life.


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